Very positive numbers for this edition of Napoli Pizza Village, in line with those of last year, but do not pay the organizers, are thinking about the future with an internationalization project that also pleases the various partner companies.
"We want to continue to promote the format of the event and the image of Naples outside the borders of Campania" - declare Alessandro Marinacci and Claudio Sebillo, founders of Oramata Grandi Eventi - "so we will take the Napoli Pizza Village and its actors, companies, partners and pizza makers abroad to start a path of further growth".
We will start from New York, for Columbus Day on 5 and 6 October, while for 2020 we will winks at Dubai. In fact, during this final weekend of the Napoli Pizza Village on the Neapolitan seafront, an Arab delegation will arrive to fully understand the value and potential of this event that celebrates the culture and tradition of pizza.
Then you could even imagine a stop in Japan, in Tokyo, between 2020 and the first months of 2021, but without abandoning the Neapolitan appointment that will return in June for its tenth edition.
Meanwhile, the partners who accompanied the event are absolutely enthusiastic about this ninth edition. Virginio and Lorenzo Suraci, owners of the national radio RTL 102.5, partner of the biggest happening in Italy, say they are more than satisfied with what has been achieved with the organizers in the last four years of collaboration, and prepare to join next year.
Mulino Caputo, title sponsor of Pizza Village, is the first to believe in internationalization so much so as to have created the twinning with the States that will have as a partner of the imaginary bridge between the two cities United Airline, while Rossopomodoro and Trenitalia are ready to continue alongside the company organizing the event, Oramata Grandi Eventi, also for the future. The same trend comes from the companies Ferrarelle, Coca-Cola, Nastro Azzurro, Ciao pomodori and Carta Wow, long-standing partner of the NPV.
Satisfaction also comes from the most recent partnerships. For example, the Ferrari company, which with its bubbles accompanied all the NPV conferences in the area known as the Ferrari Terrace, expressed its owner Marcello Lunelli's appreciation of the event and the city, which leave us with a certain common path for the tenth edition of June 2020.
The Sorrentine Dairy with its fiordilatte, has shown the winning trend of the product in the realization of pizzas, which are made for 80% dairy production, bypassing the noble mozzarella of buffalo. New entry, but with an exciting response from the public, the company Ferrarini with its cooked ham has stimulated the creativity of pizza makers who have included the ham pizza in the menu of the event.
Meanwhile, during the weekend on the stage of the event, in collaboration with RTL 102.5, will still perform great artists of national renown. The event will be closed by Mahmood, winner of Sanremo 2019, with an exhibition broadcast live on RTL 102.5. The song Soldi, with which he finished second at the Eurovision Song Contest, is the most listened to Italian song of all time on Spotify, exceeding 100 million streams, while the related video has exceeded 100 million views on YouTube.
Another star of the final evening of the biggest happening in Italy will be Fred De Palma which, with the summer hit single "Una volta ancora", he conquered the top of the charts, the double platinum record and over 48 million views on YouTube. The musical evening on stage is completed by Coco, trappers Peppe Soks, Samurai Jay, Mr HYDE with guest Gianluca Capozzi and Blair, produced by the Jesce Sole agency. We will have fun all together to greet this great edition of Napoli Pizza Village 2019.