The free beaches of Naples

Are there any free beaches in Naples? Among the most enchanting places where it's possible to relax and have fun (not only during the summertime), there are some beaches in Naples that are very beautiful. They are free and offer all the necessary to spend an entire beach day completely relaxed, such as: Gaiola's Beach. A wonderful uncontaminated paradise in Posillipo, where you can either do snorkeling or submarine immersions or have a visit through the submerged park; Marechiaro's cliff, a sea landing place of the little borough also located in Posillipo and where it's possible to stop with free entry,

The Green Rocks'bay, a tufaceous structure which let people get relaxed by the sea; or, still, Miseno and Miliscola's beaches, considered to be as the real seaside resorts and always in development, not so far from another important area we would like to introduce you: the Castle of Baia's Beach.

A free beach in Naples and castle: Baia

The Castle of Baia is a beautiful archeological tourist attraction, rich in architecture and a beautiful overview. Situated on a promontory, it was designed as a harbour establishement during the Aragonese period and then it has become the Flegrean Fields Museum's location and a collection point of different times, since the Bronze Age to the Empire glory.

It is surrounded by a wonderful cove, consituted by a free beach where it is possible to spend some relaxing time, far away from the everyday noise and traffic, and immersed in the green of a forest of holms. In recent years a bathing beach has been created with all the necessary services.

Also, through a ferrying service, it is possible to reach the beach  by sea with their own fleet of motorboats that operate all day long from one of the two onshore parking lots and it takes only two minutes by boat to arrive in this little piece of paradise. 

How to reach the beach

Address: via Lucullo, 75- 80070 Bacoli (Naples)

By car: Follow the Tangenziale and exit at “Arco Felice”. In direction fo the exit Baia-Bacoli. From Baia town center head in the direction of Bacoli, you will be on Via Lucullo. Just 100 meters past a big shipyard,  you must turn for a small street (alley) on the left.  Turn down into the tiny walled street and follow it out to the parking of car next to the seaside. There you will find the cove and the boat ready to take you out to the beach.