How many things are there to see in Naples? How long does it take to do a complete tour of the city? Walking is surely pleasant, but when feet begin to hurt you have to relax: where could you do this? In Naples's green heart, the city, even though it is a metropolis, offers some big parks to visit and to explore. During the last years the typical grey of the city is receding to leave enough space to the green belt, which is constantly growing, we suggest you to explore and see.

Green... with a wiew on sea: Villa comunale. 

A great villa is situated by the seaside in Mergellina, which could be reached by on foot or by public transport. You can find there benches which you can sit on, merry-go-rounds for kids, chalets where you can relax and recover. It is not simply a villa, in fact inside you can find magnificent fountains, like the Tazza di Porfido's one, or you can admire Virgilio's temple. There is also a green belt around the central hallway where you can serenely walk.

Capodimonte's wood

Is there a forest in a metropolis? Yes, there is. The city offers you this too, few metres far from Capodimonte's Museum you can find an enormous green belt that you can visit. You can access there from a double entrance, where you can arrive by using the buses coming from the National Museum. But it is not a simply green belt: inside you can see some marvelous statues, San Gennaro's Church and an ancient porcelain factory.

On the hill... Villa Floridiana

This park is situated in Vomero, easy reachable by underground or by cable railway, in the hilly area of the city. There is a green belt made of paths, meadows and flowerbeds where, during some events, picnics are organized. The thing that makes this place magic is the great landscape from the belvedere. Inside it is rich of greenery and a bit of fauna and inside fountains you can find some gracious turtles. There is also Ceramic Museum (Museo della Ceramica).

Green in the summer... Park of Virgiliano

discoAre you looking for a mix of greenery, magic places where you can have a complete view of the city? On a hill in Posillipo with a promontory over the sea you can find Virgilian Park (Parco Virgiliano). One of the best landscape in the whole city. The place, rich of greenery and magical place, is by the seaside, creating the perfect bond between the green life of the vegetation and the water's fresh blue. It is an amazing place where you can lie in the sun, relax at sunset and enjoy beautiful landscapes. It is reachable by public transport coming from Piazza Vittoria (near the seafront). It is a magical place where you can find the remains of two of the highest poets of the Italian history: Virgilio and Giacomo Leopardi.

Events on the hill... Camaldoli's Park.

Out of the city center, on a hill you can find the Camaldoli's Park (Parco dei Camaldoli), which is in the hilly area too, not too far from Vomero. It offers paces from which you can admire the landscape and it is also excellent for events in the evening and you can find an amphitheater where different events, that displace us back in time. A green area with an artistic taste, from theatric plays to music events in summer.

So... in the Naples heart you can find also beautiful green areas which you should not lose...