Breakfast in Naples is more than just a meal; it is an unmissable moment in the course of a Neapolitan's day. After all, in the city where coffee carries with it a sacred aura, it could not be otherwise. 

Not only coffee, of course, let's not forget croissants, brioches, sfogliatelle, babas, and many endless ways to make the morning happier. With this sweet premise, or savory for those who prefer, we present some places in Naples that could make an ideal setting for the dream breakfast in the Neapolitan city.

Breakfast a stone's throw from the shopping streets: Piazza del Plebiscito


We cannot but start with Piazza del Plebiscito, one of the most iconic squares in the city. Located in the heart of Naples, it is just a stone's throw from the sea, as well as in front of the Royal Palace. Moreover, it is located at the end of Via Toledo, the major Neapolitan shopping street. Therefore, delving into one of the many cafes can only be a wonderful idea to start the day, then choosing from the many options the area offers.
Have you ever wondered what coffee is? Coffe is an excuse, it's an excuse to tell a friend that you love him
Luciano De Crescenzo

Breakfast around the Baia Castle

From the Gulf of Naples we move to the Gulf of Pozzuoli, so let us go to the Campi Flegrei area admiring the beauty of Baia, a hamlet of Bacoli where the grandeur of the Aragonese Castle emerges. One cannot count on the fingers of one hand the evocative places to have breakfast, rich in the magic and sea air mixed with the history of one of the most fascinating spots in the entire Phlegrean area. Numerous are the terraces, numerous the corners of light overlooking the immensity of the crystal clear water. An opportunity not to be missed for those who want to discover another face of Naples, other points of extreme beauty different from the traditional canons. 

Breakfast with a view in Naples: a café in Via Petrarca

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Returning to the beginning, toward the area we started from on our tour, we dive back into the Bay of Naples, this time in the Posillipo area. More precisely, we mention Via Francesco Petrarca, one of the most charming streets in the entire city. Everywhere you turn, you cannot help but fall in love with the charm of the noble Posillipo district. Here, too, we find numerous historic cafes where you can relax and detach your mind and brain for a few minutes to taste the best Neapolitan sweet treats with your eyes captivated toward the blue sea. Then maybe it's back to normal, among the smog of traffic and the frenzy of work rhythms, but at least in between there was this break of serenity that can save an entire day.

The tradition and the beauty of Castel Sant'Elmo


The last leg of the tour with "breakfast of dreams" goal takes place at Castel Sant'Elmo, the medieval castle located on the Vomero hill near San Martino. Thanks to its imposing construction, it manages to overlook the entire city, both between the inner streets and the Neapolitan Gulf. So, associating the infallible combination of coffee-cornetto with the breathtaking view of the castle is a must not only for a tourist discovering Naples and its historic tradition, but also for the most sanguine of Neapolitans who live their land every day.