Who said that St Patrick's Day is a uniquely Irish holiday? On 24th March in Naples there will be an opportunity to bring all the warmth, enthusiasm and joy of Ireland to the south with 'JAMESON LAND'. We are talking about an event of truly important size and calibre organised by VisitNaples.

The appointment is therefore set for next Friday at the Giardini del Molosiglio, behind the Royal Palace, a truly favourable and easily accessible location. Admission is free with prior booking. The start it's at 20 o'clock, while the end it's at midnight. The show and the fun are assured with music, laughter and the most famous Irish Whiskey in the world, for an evening not to be forgotten.

How to celebrate St. Patrick's day in Naples with Jameson

If you had any doubts about how to celebrate St Patrick's Day despite the fact that all you have of Irishness is your festive soul and not your identity card, we try to help you in the best possible way. True, the feast day is 17th March, but with a week's delay we offer you the most fun and interesting way to bring Ireland to Naples. As mentioned, on Friday 24th March with VisitNaples there is the chance to attend the big free event 'JAMESON LAND' at the Molosiglio Gardens, behind the Royal Palace. Of course, for the occasion there will be the opportunity to colour the whole evening green with an appropriate outfit, clearly 'Irish'.

The evening will start with a bang and in the name of laughter with Edoardo Conforto's stand-up comedy, a show that will take place right at the beginning of the event, at 20:00. Conforto, star among others on Comedy Central, there will also be a special guest whose identity is still unknown. Immediately afterwards, space will be given to urban music with Goedi as protagonist, start set for 20:30. The last big guest announced so far is Deda, producer and rapper belonging to the Italian hip hop old school side. His performance will instead start at 22:00. Of course, the guests will not be the only protagonists of the evening, where there will be dancing, singing and drinking all evening long between DJ sets and Jameson Irish Whiskey.

In short, St Patrick's Day is here and we will not be caught unprepared, despite the one-week delay with the celebrations. In fact, we will make up for it with interest with an evening of joy and fun. All that remains is to make an appointment for next Friday, 24th March, at the Giardini del Molosiglio at 20:00. It will be a very hot and intense hour celebrating Ireland in the name of green, laughter and fun. Let us remind you again, admission is free with prior booking. Therefore, hurry up and book!