1st July - Free Museums in the city of Naples

Sunday 1 July, as every first Sunday of the month, you can visit all the state monuments, museums, galleries, archaeological excavations and parks for free. A list of them can be found on the website of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.

1st - 30th July - Cinema outdoor in the shadow of Vesuvius

Throughout the month of July (until 15 August) there is a festival of outdoor films "Cinema around Vesuvius", at its 25th edition.

Organized by Arci Movie, in Villa Bruno in San Giorgio a Cremano.
The projections are there every day, among these we point out:

1st July - Coco
2nd July - The young Marx
3rd and 4th July - Dogman
5th July - Tonya
1th2 and 13th July - The darkest hour
18th and 19th July - They 1
2th1 July - You can kiss the groom
24th and 25th July - They 2
26th and 27 Julyth - The form of the water.

1st - 30th July - Leonardo Da Vinci's works in Sorrento

Throughout the month of July (until November) the exhibition "Leonardo Da Vinci, the Italian pride" is set up in the evocative Convent of San Francesco, in Piazza Gargiulio, in Sorrento.

Reproductions of Leonardo's inventions are exhibited: both scale and full-scale machines, actually working, can be set in motion by visitors.

1st - 30th July - Paintings of Modigliani at Royal Palace of Caserta

Throughout the month of July (until October) the Royal Palace of Caserta hosts the exhibition "Modigliani Opera", dedicated to the painter and sculptor Amedeo Modigliani.

It is a particular exposure through multisensory suggestions.

6th - 8th July - The Street Food Festival in Cicciano

From 6 to 8 July, the "Cicciano Street Food Festival": the best of street food. Already at the second edition, the gastronomic event promoted by Streetfood Napolishow, will fill Via Marconi in Cicciano (NA) with many kiosks full of delicacies and culinary specialties.

7th July - The art of the ancient Neapolitan Song in a characteristic show

Saturday 7 July, from 21.30 to 23.30, in Piazza Museo Nazionale 10 into the spaces of Napulitanata (Galleria Principe) will take place the show "Sera d'esta' #1 - Canzone Napoletana 1880 - 1956". A unique experience in which you can live the passion and the values of Neapolitan musical heritage.

A mix of popular music from Campania and classic Neapolitan pieces, expressed with voices and music, without microphones, in full harmony with the environment.

7th - 15th July - The Mozzarella di Bufala festival on the waterfront of Naples

From July 7th to 15th, on the seafront of Naples will be held the fourth edition of the Bufala Fest. This year the buffalo milk festival is dedicated to the Territory of Campania, with its typicality and potential.

14th July - Relive Dante's hell in the underground of Naples

Saturday 14th July, in the Museum of Underground, at Napoli Piazza Cavour 140, Fabio Brescia and Roberto Azzurro will perform Dante - Inferno readings. A truly impressive and full of emotions show in Naples Underground.

15th -25th - 30th July - Kasabian, Fabrizio Moro and Sting on stage in Naples

On Sunday 15th July, Kasabian will perform in concert at the Arena Flegrea.

On Saturday 28th July, Fabrizio Moro will sing at the Arenile Reload from 22.00.

On Monday 30th July, Sting will perform for the Noisy Naples Fest 2018 with Shaggy at the Arena Flegrea.

26th - 28th July - Sunset and Full moon on kayak

On 26-27-28 July, with full moon, it will be possible to get a kayak tour with the Full Moon tour. Starting at 6.30 pm from Rocce Verdi to enjoy the sunset first and then the moonlight in the beautiful Gulf of Naples.