Falling in love in Naples is easy and thanks to this list of 5 places with free entry, you will see the most beautiful and suggestive places without spending a single Euro (except for the bus ticket).
Try to walk in the streets of this romantic city with the person that you love and you will be on top of the world.
The beauties to discover are many, for this reason look at this list below of the 5 most romantic places in Naples, it could be useful at any time and in any season.

Naples and love, a perfect combination to experience unforgettable moments.

5. Park of Camaldoli

Ideal for a trip away from the chaos of the city and try to merge with nature, the park of Camaldoli is the highest point in Naples.
The entrance is free and is simple to find it. From Piazza Garibaldi: Line L1, Policlinico station, then bus 144, stop S. Ignazio Di Loyola 192. Camaldoli is the largest Italian urban park - 135 hectares of wooded area.
For an exceptional view, the Great Belvedere, near the hermitage: to take the breath away.

4. San Martino

One of Neapolitan's best known and loved places is San Martino. I challenge anyone to remain emotionless in front of this memorable landscape.
Take the 'funiculare' from Toledo Street, the tunnel height, wait to the last stop and then use the stairs to climb up again following the signs for the Castle St. Elmo and Certosa of San Martino.
The Gulf of Naples will be suddenly in front of you, between the colored lights of the city and the darkness of the night. A regal atmosphere worth of a statement of love!

3. Landscape from the terrace of Castel dell’Ovo

Another stop is the Castel dell'Ovo. The entrance is free and the complex is open until 19:30. Climb up to the top of the terraces.
Reach the castle of the island is simple: from Piazza Plebiscito a beautiful walk along the sea will take you there.
The panorama you have is spectacular. On one side the immensity of the sea, on the other side the Mergellina hill with its luxury hotels: the perfect place for a passionate kiss.

2. The Thirteen descents of Sant'Antonio

Before leaving Posillipo you can walk through the Ramps of Sant’Antonio (the 13 descents). Making photos here is a must!
With the city at your feet and Vesuvius in the background, you just have to immortalize your love.
When you arrive to the church of Sant’Antonio, just go down the ramps of Sant'Antonio to see a mysterious and fascinating Naples.
Once we crossed the thirteen descents we find ourselves in front of Posillipo's terrace. A real postcard.
Words cannot explain such an elegant and harmonious landscape.

1. Walking in the park of Virgiliano

One of the most scenic and panoramic places of Naples with breathtaking sea views.
This park, far from the center and smog, is located in Posillipo, the "noble" district of Naples. Getting there is pretty easy for those who have the opportunity to travel by bus or car.
The Virgiliano park offers an incredible view of the Gulf of Naples and the close island of Nisida, from here  you can see the islands of Ischia, Capri and Procida, the Gulf of Pozzuoli and Bacoli.
Take a walk in the gardens, keep going and go inside the park, between trees and pure air.

Can you imagine anything more romantic? In Naples the best things are free!