Launched in December 2023, the "Mare Porticese" project emerges as a visionary initiative destined to redefine the landscape of eco-sustainable fishing in the Campania region, famous for its seafood-related culinary traditions. In a context where Campania holds the leadership in seafood consumption, the challenge of combining rich traditions with sustainability becomes the beating heart of this revolutionary project, putting the protection of the marine environment and the promotion of low-impact fishing practices at the center of attention.

Sustainable Growth After Market Transformations

Despite changed market dynamics and the consequences of post-pandemic transformations, data for the first quarter of 2023 reveal a significant increase in spending on seafood products. This phenomenon underscores the renewed passion of Campania's consumers for the local catch, with the fresh category growing by 1.7 percent in volume. This growth plays a key role, highlighting the importance of promoting sustainable practices in this significant part of the market.

The Porticese Sea Project: Innovation and Sustainability


At the heart of the Mare Porticese project is the bold decision to abandon the use of Styrofoam in the crates used in fishing, replacing them with sustainable alternatives. The new crates, in addition to being recyclable thanks to a special washing machine, are equipped with a chip that tracks the entire journey of the local catch. This approach not only ensures a reduction in environmental impact but also promotes transparency in the seafood supply chain, a crucial aspect for consumers who are increasingly attentive to the origin of the products they buy.

Focus on Pelagic Fish and Bluefish

The Mare Porticese project aims to raise awareness among consumers and restaurateurs about the importance of favoring pelagic fish, such as sardines, anchovies, cod, scabbardfish, mackerel, amberjack, whitebait, skipjack, garfish, and sardinella. These species, besides offering intense flavor and unique organoleptic properties, are characterized by affordable prices and nutritional advantages, such as the presence of protein and Omega 3 EPA and DHA, which are particularly recommended for a balanced diet.

Engaging and Solidarity Initiatives

Active community involvement is evident in the project's many initiatives. The City of Portici has already actively participated in a three-day awareness-raising event on Sustainable Fishing at the Pietrarsa National Museum on December 12 and 13, involving citizens, stakeholders and the school community. This event, thanks in part to the special participation of Anton Dohrn, helped raise awareness of low-impact fishing practices, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding and enhancing marine ecosystems. Another noteworthy initiative was on December 21, when the City of Portici delivered top-quality fish caught in the Portici sea to the Department of Agriculture. Thanks to special boxes provided by the fishermen, the fish was cooked and the meals were then delivered to the Convent of St. Anthony in Portici and the Church of Santa Maria del Pilar in Herculaneum, for the benefit of the needy.

The future of "Mare Porticese" starts from a docufilm

The culmination of the project will occur in February 2024 with the national premiere screening of the docufilm made in collaboration with Visit Italy, the main independent channel for the promotion of Italy in the world. This will allow for the nationwide dissemination of good practices related to sustainable and artisanal fishing. In addition, the project's most ambitious challenge is the elimination of pollution caused by polystyrene boxes, replacing them with environmentally sustainable solutions equipped with microchips to ensure traceability and drastically reduce marine pollution.

The "Mare Porticese" project is not only a tribute to the richness of Campania's sea but a concrete commitment to preserving its beauty and biodiversity while ensuring a valuable resource for future generations.