There are many movies filmed in Naples over the years: after all, Naples offers really much in suggestive landscapes and local folklore. If you read the first article, you would know what to expect. Here, other 5 locations of small and big screen.

Palazzo dello Spagnuolo

The “Palazzo dello Spagnuolo” is situated in Via Vergini, Sanità neighborhood. We all remember this beautiful historic building in the movie “Passione” by John Turturro in 2010. In the historic palace the video of the song “Comme facette mammeta” was filmed: some dancers face the suggestive staircase.

How to reach the palace

Metro 2, Piazza Cavour stop.

Cloister of Santa Chiara

Here’s Jack Lemmon in “Maccheroni” of 1985, a masterpiece by Ettore Scola. The cloister of Santa Chiara is part of the monumental complex of the Basilica of Santa Chiara, one of the most important monumental buildings in the city. The cloister- made of majolica- is really amazing. It would be a pity to lose it!

How to reach the Basilica of Santa Chiara

Metro 1Dante stop, take Via Port’Alba, turn to right on Via San Sebastiano, the church will be on the right.

The Sopranos  (season 2, ep. 4)

“The Sopranos” is an American TV serie, which tells the boss Tony Soprano‘s life. In the second season and in the fourth episode, Tony makes a business trip to Naples with other family members. The episode is totally set in the city, here we want to remember the scene where Paulie Soprano takes a coffee at Via Tribunali, in the heart of Naples.

How to reach Via Tribunali

From Port’Alba take Via Tribunali, the scene’s place is in front of the Santa Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio Church.

San Gregorio Armeno in Opopomoz

Do you love Christmas stories? So, you can not miss the animated movie Opopomoz of 2003. The movie is set in Naples: the city and its traditions are the true protagonists of story. For this reason, there’s a scene in San Gregorio Armeno, the most famous street in the world for the presence of artisans who make shepherds. So, Rocco and his family– as all Neapolitans- walk around San Gregorio Armeno looking for some new shepherd to put in the crib.

How to reach San Gregorio Armeno

From Piazza del Gesù take Via B. Croce, pass throught Piazzetta Nilo, take Via San Sebastiano for 190m, turn to left on San Gregorio Armeno.

Il giovane favoloso - Palazzo Donn’Anna

“Il giovane favoloso” is a movie of the Neapolitan director Mario Martone. The movie tells about the poet Giacomo Leopardi‘s life. He has lived the last years of his life in Naples. Among the most symbolic scene in Naples, we all remember the scene where Leopardi is on the beach at Via Posillipo, near the amazing Palazzo Donn’Anna.

How to reach Palazzo Donn’Anna

Metro 2Mergellina stop, bus 140 on Bruno- Sannazzato stop, Posillipo-Capo Attestamento stop.