The theater in the city of Naples

Theatre in Naples is an important part of the daily life of the city and its ancient origins go back even to the Greeks and Romans. For centuries, opera has had a close relationship with the city of Naples and today this relationship is realised in a completely innovative way.

The opera in Naples: Musica a Palazzo

The Neapolitan theatre discovers a new way of experiencing the drama. Musica a Palazzo is the event, which at the Palazzo Medici Acquaviva in Naples, recreates the way of perceiving opera. Musica a Palazzo offers itinerant shows, as the entire opera represented moves from room to room in the building, transforming the various halls and bedrooms into a real ideal stage, where the historic boiserie, the frescoes and furnishings make up the scenography.

All the pathos of the work is directly transmitted to the viewer through a lively and participatory, almost interactive performance where, unlike theatre, you can almost touch the performers and the events that go on stage.

The possibility of breaking down, so easily, the wall of the so-called fourth wall, the one that usually alienates the viewer from the work, involves the public firsthand and becomes a scenographic expedient, unique in its kind, which makes this event unmissable. Musica a Palazzo boasts operas and shows in Berlin, Paris at the famous Palais Vivienne and the prestigious Trinity House in London. In the United Kingdom, it has also received the honours of the press, winning the Argus Angel Award.

Now Musica a Palazzo arrives in Naples to stage La Traviata, Giuseppe Verdi's opera composed in three acts and taken from the novel,  "La Dame aux Camélias" by Alexander Dumas, and to make it even more captivating,, in the location of Palazzo Medici Acquaviva in via Toledo, a timeless masterpiece.

If you love theatre you cannot exempt yourself from living this exciting adventure, run to Naples and discover the magic of opera a Palazzo.