Wine tourism: Campania is a paradise for wine lovers

Campania has, for centuries, been a region with the most lively wine traditions, which has always given rise to wines of high level and of regional and national caliber. The development of the wine sector has given rise to a new form of tourism, wine tourism that is flourishing in Campania.

The cult of wine is mixed with culture and myth from the cave of the Sibilla Cumana to the legendary eruptions of Vesuvius, wine is closely linked to the territory and tradition. We pass from vine to vine, from cellar to cellar throughout the region, ranging from the slopes of the Vomero or Campi Flegrei hills to the slopes of Vesuvius up to Sannio, Irpinia and the beautiful Sorrento peninsula and the islands. This creates close ties between the territories and the food and wine traditions that lead wine tourists on a centenary journey through history, tradition and enchanting landscapes.

Wine tourism: events for wine lovers in Campania

Wine tourism has undergone a rapid rise in the Campania region in recent years, so that every year events and shows are organized that are aimed at the theme of tasting and valorising Campanian wine, often in breathtaking locations, such as Neapolitan castles or with a view of the gulf. Every year more and more tourists come to the city to take part in these events and not to miss the chance to taste the various Campania wine specialties.

A museum dedicated to wine and the Vine in Naples: the Mavv

A rapid ascent culminating in various bodies and organizations dedicated to wine tourism in Campania such as the MAVV - Wine Art Museum in Portici. The MAVV, promoted by a group of young professionals in the wine sector, was born with the intention of creating an artistic, cultural, multi-sensory and scientific path around the world of wine, through programs and activities in taste laboratories dedicated to viticulture, and visits to the places, in the territories of the Campania wine tradition. The museum is housed in the Department of Agriculture of the Federico II University of Naples.

The must of this museum is the deep connection between culture and education, on which the whole context of the exhibition activities is based, which have the task of linking the cult of wine to the visual arts and the most modern technologies.

Naples and Campania are one of the wine capitals in Italy, run to learn about the vast world that lies behind Campania wine tourism.