Naples boom of tourists from 13 to 22 September in the city, hotel rooms and bed and breakfast full for what promises a record-breaking week under the Vesuvius. The atmosphere of joy of Naples Pizza Village, the biggest happening in Italy dedicated to pizza, has infected the international tourist flows. A stream of visitors is expected from all over the world on the Caracciolo promenade for the second edition of the festival since the art of Neapolitan pizza makers has become a UNESCO World Heritage

Claudio Sebillo and Alessandro Marinacci, organizers of the Pizza Village, a few days before the start of the event, can rejoice in the sold out registered in major hotels of the Neapolitan seafront.

Naples is confirmed as one of the most popular destinations in Italy, as are other cities such as Rome, Venice and Florence. To appreciate the natural beauty and gastronomic excellence, the cultural sites and the excellent quality of the accommodation are Italian guests, but also a great increase of foreigners: the Germans, now regulars, the Anglo-Saxons, who are rediscovering the ancient traditions, the Asians, the Dutch and Americans, particularly excited by the idea of knowing the real Naples.

N.B: Even this year, thanks to the online booking method, you can already order a menu and skip the line at the ticket offices on the days of the event. Find out how by clicking here.