Naples fought and kept up the pandemic. The rules implemented against the COVID-19 have allowed the start of a phase of normality, and with the opening to the countries of European Community Naples returns to be visitable but including adequate preventions.

How to prevent contagion in Naples

The use of the mask and the safety distance of one meter between people not belonging to the same group will be obligatory. It is also recommended to wash your hands often with sanitizing gel or alcohol-based soaps and if you are suffering from flu symptoms you must stay at home. In public transport, there will be limitations on the number of passengers allowed for each train or bus.

What to do with the restart in Naples

From June 3rd Naples returns to shine more powerful than ever; her immortal and time-hardened beauties benefited from this forced break. The more blue sea, the lushest greenery, the delicious Neapolitan cuisine, the large complexes of buildings await the return of their fellow citizens within the city.

From the MANN (the National Archaeological Museum of Naples) to the houses of the kings, the Museum of Capodimonte and the Royal Palace, to the Cathedral of Naples and the underground Naples, all the complexes reopen to make you enjoy the beauties they hold in it.

All these attractions and much more you can see and experience it with our Naples Pass CITY which will take you around Naples and its beauties in 3 days, but it will also give you the chance to enjoy a real pizza a portafoglio in one of the best pizzerias in the old town or even take an electric bike ride through the beautiful alleys of the city giving you the opportunity to use a green transport as well as facilities and opportunities to skip the line. The Naples Pass CITY will be available from June 15.

Naples restarts from June 3 and awaits you to celebrate the return to normal together with all its attractions. Move to Naples!