Napoli Pizza Village: Ciro Magnetti is the winner of the World Championship of Pizza Makers

Ciro Magnetti di Pizzeria Olio e Pomodoro doc, the master of pizza winner of the World Championship of Pizza Makers. The great triumph arrived in the 18th Trofeo Caputo-pizza napoletana Stg, in the final challenge, within the Napoli Pizza Village, an international event dedicated to food that can be visited until Sunday 22nd on the Neapolitan seafront.
Already during the last edition he was first in the pizza category of the season, in 2016 he almost won, finishing second in the Gluten Free Pizza category, while in 2015 he won the Pizza by the metre category with a pizza called "Terra Mia". It was a tribute to Pino Daniele and an opportunity to celebrate the great ingredients of Campania. "I am the strength of our territory" he strongly supported after the victory and in fact to oil and tomato has named his pizzeria Melito in the province of Naples.

The tomato protagonist of the next days of Napoli Pizza Village

And it is the tomato, the "red gold", that is the heroic protagonist of these days here at Pizza Village.
It will be taken to the top by the 54 new influencers of Italian gastronomy present: some of the more than 150 employees of the company "Ciao - Il Pomodoro di Napoli", who work in the production of preserves and have become stars on Instagram.
The faces of the "ladies", in fact, have been immortalized in a series of photographs, real family portraits, to celebrate their skill and experience that handed down, a unique and ancient knowledge, essential to preserve the quality of a product as unique as the peeled tomato of agro nocerino.
A company that respects tradition, but looks to the future and for this reason has created the Street Art Festival in collaboration with the Costantino Cutolo Foundation.
Among the four finalists of the contest, Luigi Bevilacqua, Gosh & Teso, Arpaia and Yele, the winner will be chosen to create a mural dedicated to tomatoes on a space granted by the City of Naples.
Art, music and great gastronomy, all this is Napoli Pizza Village.

Napoli Pizza Village: programme for Friday 20 September

Here are the latest news expected at Napoli Pizza Village 2019
18:00 Hospitality Area - Meeting on the project "Choose Naples" with Flavia Sorrentino (delegate of the Mayor of Naples) and representatives of Rossopomodoro, Napoli Pizza Village Coldiretti and presentation of the "Pizza Choose Naples" designed by Antonio Sorrentino and Davide Civitiello
NPV Classics of Rossopomodoro pizza with: 18:30 Fabio Cristiano (Antica Pizzeria da Gennaro) - 21:00 Valentino Book (Pizzeria Libro's) 
20:00 Area events Terrazza Ferrari (access by invitation) NPV d'Essai - The future is present! leads Luciano Pignataro (Il Mattino) Barbara Guerra and Albert Sapere (Le Strade della Mozzarella) with Renato Ruggiero, Carlo Sammarco, Cristiano Piccirillo (La Masardona) Sami El Sabawy (La pianetta in Fiumicino), Enzo Coccia (La Notizia) Jessica de Vivo (Mary Rose) Bonny Ferrara (Il Faro di Capo d'Orso) Maicol Izzo (Piazzetta Milu) Francesco Sposito (Taverna Estia)  
20:30 Stage - Award ceremony Contest Trenitalia
21:00 Terrazza Ferrari (access by invitation only) - "Taste Appointments: Traditional Pizza and Pizza a canotto" promoted by Latteria Sorrentina with Taste Shots - Guests Alessandro Condurro and Giuseppe Pignalosa
 21:30 on stage NPV - ENRICO NIGIOTTI E BIANCA ATZEI - live on RTL 102,5a followed by the anti-bullying singer Cristina Cafiero, the singer Andrea Settembre (The Voice) and the trapper Lele Blade
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