It's about to start an incredible weekend on the stage of RTL 102.5 where for this grand finale there will be as Italian artists Anastasio, Mahmood and rapper Fred De Palma. The audience will also be delighted by the music, the magical atmosphere of the Gulf of Naples and the festive air as well as the pizza.
Pizzas that are not only excellent, but also prepared by record-breaking masters: they are served in fact only 20 seconds and 76 cents to the Neapolitan pizza maker Giuseppe Cravetti, of the pizzeria Fermento, to make the pizza margherita and win, this year, the contest faster Pizza called by Trenitalia at the Napoli Pizza Village.
An incredible performance that confirms for the second consecutive year Giuseppe Cravetti as the fastest pizza maker, overtaking Silvio Zingarella, the pizzeria Nanà (24 "19) and Luigi Petrone, the pizzeria Vesuvio (26 "18).
He is thus awarded on stage at the Napoli Pizza Village by Serafino Lo Piano, Head of High Speed and Medium & Long Distance sales of Trenitalia. He was awarded the jersey of the Napoli footballer, Dries Mertens and two tickets for the San Paolo stadium. Really not bad!
But not even the records are enough for the food festival of the Neapolitan waterfront, which will close on Sunday 22, when we will have been presented dishes of Michelin-starred chefs like: Gennaro Esposito, Niko Romito and Alfonso Iaccarino, demonstrating the gastronomic value achieved by the most famous dish in the world.
The latter will tell the public little secrets and stories about the relationship of pizza within the dynamics of contemporary cuisine, there will be to learn and get rich.
Moreover, on Sunday 22nd, thanks to the agreement signed between the group Oramata, which organizes the Napoli Pizza Village, and Ippodromi Partenopei, will be allowed free access to the 92nd Italian Derby Trotto dedicated to the memory of Luciano De Crescenzo, the great Neapolitan philosopher and director who recently died.
Those who have purchased a food festival menu during the week will receive a coupon for free access, Sunday, September 22 from 18:00, at the Ippodromo di Agnano in Naples.

Napoli Pizza Village: programme of Saturday and Sunday evenings

But here is finally the program of the last two days in detail:


18:00 Events area Terrazza Ferrari (access by invitation) NPV d'Essai - Pizza Donna
Presents Nerina Di Nunzio (Food Confidential) with Sara Palmieri (10 Diego Vitagliano) Marzia de Rinaldi (Casa De Rinaldi)

NPV Classics of Rossopomodoro pizza with:
18:30 Vincenzo Capuano (Pizzeria Vincenzo Capuano) - 21:00 Stefano Guerin (SG Diet Molino Caputo) 

20:00 Events area Terrazza Ferrari (access by invitation) Pizza Tour
Presents Federico De Cesare Viola and Luciana Squadrilli (Food & Wine Italy) with Ciro Oliva (Concettina Ai Tre Santi), Corrado Scaglione (Enosteria LipenJacopo Mercuro), Mirko Rizzo (180 g Pizzeria Romana)

21:30 Events area Terrazza Ferrari (access by invitation only)
Jury meeting for the "Costantino Cutolo Street Art Festival" award with Lino Cutolo (Overseas Merchant Company - Ciao Pomodoro) and chef Niko Romito.

21:30 on the stage NPV - ANASTASIO - broadcast live on RTL 102.5
followed by Luca Rossi Tammorra Set - The singer Francesco Da Vinci - The youtuber Diego Laurenti in Iutubber live - Ivano 127 Rosso & his special guest Vale Lambo - The trapper Coco - The eccentric participation of Lisa "subrettina" Fusco.


19:00 Stage
Rossopomodoro Award and Contest Costantino Cutolo Street Art Festival Award

18:00 Events area Terrazza Ferrari (access by invitation) NPV d'Essai - Cucina&Pizza
Presents Eleonora Cozzella with Franco Pepe (Pepe In Grani) Alfonso Iaccarino |(Don Alfonso) and Antonello Maietta (national AIS president)

18:30 NPV Classics of Rossopomodoro pizza with:
Teresa Iorio (Le figlie di Iorio and Rossopomodoro)

21:30 on stage NPV- MAHMOOD /FRED DE PALMA - live on radiovision on RTL 102,5
follow trapper Peppe Soks, Samurai Jay - Singer Mr HYDE with guest Gianluca Capozzi - Blair