Partnership between Naples and New York in the name of pizza thanks to Napoli Pizza Village

The road of tastefulness is a groove that follows exactly the 41st parallel and from Naples reaches the beating heart of the city of New York. In fact, 30 ovens will be lit in the Big Apple in the Bronx during the Columbus Day celebrations scheduled for the first weekend of October, to seal this gastronomic twinning. The great event of Napoli Pizza Village 2019 is thus not only a promoter of pizza and the Neapolitan territory but becomes an ambassador of the talent of master pizza makers in the world.
This twinning is the first step in the process of internationalization of the NPV wanted by all the organizers, as stressed by Claudio Sebillo: "The link between our event and the American one in New York is the first step to proceed with the promotion of the pizza product, but also to promote the image of Naples and the entire Campania region abroad. After New York, other stages are planned that will serve the process of internationalization that we intend to carry out and enhance the brand of Naples Pizza Village.
It was then Karen Schinnerer, American consul for the press and culture, who consecrated the agreement, underlining: "Social integration, the value of Neapolitan cuisine, beauty and culture of the territory, this is the Napoli Pizza Village. We believe that food is one of the main factors for cultural exchanges and that is why we will support this twinning.
Ready to build a solid bridge between the two cities, United Airlines: "We have an air route between Naples and New York from June to the end of October, but we are ready to increase frequencies and the flight period said Fabiano Ricciardo, general manager Italy of the company to facilitate this twinning.
Antimo Caputo, CEO of the title sponsor of the event, Mulino Caputo, stressed: "This is the fusion of two souls, Naples capital of pizza and New York American capital of pizza, creating a single family we will combine these two worlds.