For the 'Napoli Pizza Village 2018' in Via Caracciolo from 1 to 10 June 2018, to promote sustainable mobility and accessibility to the area of the event, ANM and the Mobility Department have set up a shuttle bus service linking the Brin parking and Piazza Vittoria. The service, carried out through the 154 line, is active between 6:00pm and 01:00am every day between 1/6 and 10/6 and allows you to reach Piazza Vittoria in about 15 minutes.
Those who decide to park in the ANM structure in via Brin at the eastern gates of the city and use the 154 line to reach piazza Vittoria, in addition to contributing to the lack of congestion in the city centre, will benefit from an integrated parking + bus rate for up to 4 people in return at a cost of just 7 Euro. In addition, the first 200 visitors who daily show at the till of the Village the voucher issued at the parking lot in Via Brin, the Naples Pizza Village, Anm and the Mobility Department will give a coupon including a pizza Margherita and a drink choosing between water and cola 20 cl to be used in one of the pizzerias participating in the event until 31/12/2018.

NEWS: Thanks to the new online booking method, you can already order a menu and skip the line at the ticket offices on the days of the event. Find out how by clicking here.