Elegance is like a silent message, you perceive it, but you do not see it. It's a suggestion, jealously preserved between the skin and the clothes you wear.

The Neapolitan tailoring

Neapolitan craftsmanship is one of the most widespread local traditions since ancient times. Among all the laborers, from crib to goldsmith's art, passing through tailoring, they have centuries-old origins. Just the tailoring is the most widespread and appreciated Neapolitan workers in the world.

In fact, in recent years, the world is rediscovering the art of handmade garments. Naples has always been linked to the figure of the tailors. Neapolitan tailoring has an own style, that it has made by history and tradition. In a Neapolitan suite there is not only manpower but there is also the mood and passion of the tailor. Man lives of emotions that only another human being can give him through a dress. The hands that make these clothes are men and women's hands who takes care of these clothes as if they were children. The journey of a fabric that turns into a handmade garment is a masterpiece, an experience that must be lived.

Neapolitan tailoring is not just craftsmanship, it is creativity, tradition, human warmth and even genius. A way of working and recognizability that conqueres the world. Tailoring comes from the encounter with noble figures who crowded Naples in the past centuries, from which they have drawn secrets and elegance.

The video presents five stories of ancient tradition, of passion for style and elegance, which recount an art recognized and appreciated all over the world. Neapolitan tailoring.