The ninth edition of Napoli Pizza Village is finally about to be presented, on Monday 9 September at 11.00 a.m. in the Sala Giunta of the Naples City Council, in Piazza del Municipio, where the last two artists who will complete the already rich musical cast proposed by RTL 102.5, the official radio of the event, which will take place from 13 to 22 September 2019 in the enchanting setting of the Neapolitan seafront, will also be announced.

To welcome the press, the deputy mayor of Naples, Enrico Panini, who together with the organizers will illustrate the contents of the 2019 edition of this great event.

Fulvio Giuliani, director of the most listened to radio in Italy, RTL 102.5, will announce the complete cast of guests who will perform on the prestigious stage of Naples Pizza Village 2019, revealing the names of the last two Big for the opening day and for the event on Monday 16. 

All the emotions of the week will be broadcast by radio on channel 36 of the digital terrestrial platform and on channel 750 of Sky.

It promises to be a week of music, fun and the great art of pizza! 

The list of the guest stars of Napoli Pizza Village 2019

Meanwhile, here are the dates of the national stars already announced:
On Saturday 14th Arisa will perform on stage, while on Sunday 15th it will be Achille Lauro, back from the Venice Film Festival where he was the protagonist and author of the soundtrack of the short film Happy Birthday and Joey.
Tuesday 17 Edoardo Bennato and Malgioglio will perform immediately after the big match of the Champions League between Naples and Liverpool, while Wednesday 18 will be the protagonist of the persuasive voice of Dolcenera.
Thursday 19 will be the turn of BoomDaBash that will make us dance and have fun with their music.
In the weekend of fire of Napoli Pizza Village 2019 will be present then Enrico Nigiotti and Bianca Atzei Friday 20, while Saturday 21 will see the scene of the last winner of the Sanremo Italian Festival of music, Mahmood.
On the closing day of the event, Sunday 22nd, it will be the turn of Anastasio and Alfa. In short, we really have a burning week ahead of us.
Waiting to discover the last two guests, we prepare for the tastiest musical event of the year, Napoli Pizza Village 2019!

Speakers at the press conference:
  • Enrico Panini - Deputy Mayor of Naples
  • Alessandro Marinacci - Ceo Oramata Great Events
  • Claudio Sebillo - Ceo Oramata Great Events
  • Antimo Caputo - AD Mulino Caputo 
  • Fulvio Giuliani - Editor-in-Chief RTL 102.5
  • Serafino Lo Piano - High Speed and Medium & Long Distance Sales Manager for Trenitalia
  • Michele Pontecorvo Ricciardi - Head of Communication and Marketing at Ferrarelle SpA
  • Francesco Iacotucci - AD Asia Naples 
  • Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio - UniViverde Foundation - Chairman