Palazzo Reale di Napoli: the hanging gardens reopen

After years Naples reconquers its hidden treasure, long hidden behind the stained glass and the weather of the Royal Palace, the hanging gardens of Royal Palace. Restored and open to the public for a few months, the hanging gardens of the Royal Palace of Naples act as a stage for one of the most beautiful and breathtaking walks on the Gulf of Naples.

Here you can enjoy the beauty of the city in the shadow of Vesuvius, guarding it, while ships of all kinds dock in one of the oldest ports in the world. Everything has been restored from the furnishings to the paving of the nineteenth-century style garden terrace, trying to restore the beauty of the original marble and tuff, from the vegetation and the flowerbeds planted through the original schemes, restoring that was a wonderful walk through plants and flowers that follow the original cultures. 

From the shrubs supported by elegant canopies, to climbing roses to flower beds treated to the finest detail, everything confers that royalty that was normal a few centuries ago. 

From a few months it is possible to visit this hidden treasure of Naples, also through a guided tour that allows you to capture every essence and every detail of this walk that takes your breath away. 

Do not miss one of the most amazing walks on the most beautiful gulf in the world, in one of the historic sites of Naples where the history of the city was made and often the legend was born.

The beauty of Naples grows from day to day, from week to week, as it discovers its secrets. Until one comes to understand that truly this is the most beautiful gulf of the earth. And it's a toned beauty. The happiness of living grows, the needs decrease; one enters a state of natural sobriety, and one comes out of the slavery of schedules. The time in Naples can be a practical necessity, never an intimate necessity.
Guido Piovene