Neapolitan music: the sounds of the Neapolitan city

We often talk about the perfumes of Naples, but in the city of Naples the sounds are also very important. What are the sounds of the city? Ladies who communicate from neighboring balconies, street artists who sing in the alleys of the historical center of the city, the sound of the sea breaking on the rocks, Naples is music, neapolitan music, even when the stereo isn't in play.

''I suoni della città'' (''The sounds of the city''): 7 musical show at the Teatro Sannazaro

The Neapolitan song can be found in many musical genres, from ancient melodies to jazz, the music of the city of Naples ready to cheer up your evenings.

The ''sounds of the city'' come in a romantic atmosphere like that of a theater, a musical series of event ready to start, an idea born from Jesce sole discography label and the historical Teatro Sannazzaro. Seven events in seven months with many guests, the right mix between the young promises of Neapolitan music up to the famous music artists of the city in the shadow of Vesuvius.

The first event will be on October 31st with ''La Musica di Carlo D'Angiò'', the event which will take part in ''Le voci del Sud (the Voices of the South)'' and will be directed by Eugenio Bennato.

Continuing on November 14th with the voice of Nino Buonocore with his' '59 tour'', the author of Scrivimi and Rossana ready to brighten up your evening with his historical and unique voice. The 2018 will be closed on December 4th with Maria Pia De Vito and Huw Warren who will perform in ''Dialektos''.

The sounds of the city will then return on 23rd January 2019 with Flo in #LaMentirosa, on 27th February it will be Peppino Gagliardi's turn with ''Serata omaggio''. Just one month after March 27th will perform Ciccio Merolla, one of the greatest percussionists of the Neapolitan scene, he will present ''Improvvisazioni mediterranee ed altri suoni'' (Mediterranean Improvisions and other sounds).

The last appointment, but only for the date certainly not for importance is with a very special evening, April 1 th there will on stage Città mondiale with ''Il meglio del Newpolitan sound tutto in una sera'' (The best of the Newpolitan sound all in one evening). Seven evenings, seven types of different melodies to listen to.

Finally, there is a surprise: all those who buy the entire package that includes the seven concerts, will participate in the competition "Listen to the sounds of the city and win Capri". At the end of the event a fortunate winner will be drawn to win a weekend in Capri for two people. A way to reward those who choose to listen to the talents made in Naples, also curious to discover the beautiful scenery that the magical island of Capri has to offer.

Tickets can be purchased online on the website of the Teatro Sannazzaro or on the site or at the box office of the Teatro Sannazzaro.

More information about the events can be found on the Facebook page of Teatro Sannazzaro, on the page of the label Jesce Sole or by calling the number 081 - 5520906