Making a Christmas gift to loved ones and at the same time a charity work in full Christmas spirit: thanks to "Su e Giù per Napoli" all this is possible. We are talking about a new book entirely focused on Naples designed just for everyone, from the very youngest to adults. Let's go into more detail to understand what makes this literary novelty special. 

What "Su e giù per Napoli" is about?

"Su e Giù per Napoli" was written by Iris de Brouwer, curator of the blog Local in Naples, while the graphics and thus the illustrations were taken care of by Leny Boerstra. It all stems from the first lockdown dated spring 2020, to when the cat Nola, who lives with Leny in a house in the Historic Center, ran away from home one day only to return after days and days of pilgrimage. When the cat returned home, the idea and desire was born in Iris to imagine and tell the story of little Nola's journey through the alleys of Naples. 

Why you should buy the book

The protagonist of the story is a curious and tireless cat, so we see Naples through his viscous gaze and surprised expressions. As a result, children will fall in love with little Nola's adventures. In addition, the representations and drawings encourage smooth and light reading. All the places featured are the same as in reality, so from each stage one can take a cue for a hypothetical walk to take. 

Further prompting the purchase of the book, there is also a pure idea behind it. In fact, for every copy bought in December, Iris and Leny pledge to donate one for the Library of the "Annalisa Durante" Association in Forcella. So by buying the book you can at the same time find a perfect gift for Christmas, discover new corners of Naples in detail and perform a charitable act. In short, it is an unmissable opportunity for young and old alike!