Discovering Campania: Angri

The Campania hinterland is rich in beauty and one of its gems is Angri. At the pier of the Lattari mountains at the beginning of the Sorrento peninsula, Angri is one of the oldest villages in the whole of Campania, where the famous battle of the Lattari mountains was fought which marked the victory of the Eastern Roman Empire over the Goths in 552, and it is full of history and places to visit.

The origins and history of Angri

The origins of the village of Angri are very ancient. Evidence of past settlements in the Roman era of shepherds who populated the slopes of the Lattari mountains is known.

The first written traces date back to the aforementioned battle of the Lattari mountains, also known as the battle of Vesuvius. After passing under the Angevin dominion the village of Angri has known a period of great splendour equalled only by the domination of the Doria. The Doria family dominated Angri between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries raising the rank of the village from a fief to a principality.

The period of maximum splendour under the rule of the Doria family sanctioned the beginning of the golden age for the principality of Angri which also became the capital of the district of the Salerno district of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, as well as guaranteed the realization of various works exquisitely crafted architectural details.

With the end of the Doria and the Bourbon kingdom, the principality of Angri will become an autonomous municipality losing its royal aura.

What to see in Angri?

As mentioned above, Angri has a vast history that can still be seen today among its streets and especially in the architectural works present, but which have more than a few centuries.

The Doria d'Angri Castle

The Doria d'Angri castle was built on the remains of the fortress built in 1290 by the Angevins. He was revived by the Doria family who chose him as a symbol of his hegemony.

Divided into three distinct blocks, with two towers, the entrance courtyard and the large eighteenth-century staircase flanked by the actual palace. The building has a facade with a portico at the base, dominated by several loggias. The cardinal point of the whole complex can only be the circular tower, adorned with battlements on its top. The latter is the only trace of the ancient Roman fortress first and then Angevin and it is said that the fortress also housed the great King Charles V.

To date, the castle can be visited and is home to the local town hall, while the wonderful garden of the complex has been used as an urban park.

The church of Santa Maria del Carmine in Angri

The church of Santa Maria del Carmine was built in the early seventeenth century by several members of the Angri nobility. The three-nave church was renovated on several occasions in the eighteenth century in full Baroque style, with the construction of two Doric style bell towers and various works of art and frescoes on the external façade, but above all inside.

From Angri... a few steps from the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii

Angri is located in the centre of its area of ​​belonging and therefore from the village, that was of the Doria, it is easy to reach different itineraries. Being on the slopes of the Lattari mountains it is almost logical to think of visiting the beauties that are found along the Amalfi Coast: Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello are just a stone's throw away with their breathtaking landscapes and their history.

About history, on the other side, Angri is a stone's throw from the two thousand years of history that Pompeii holds. Just a few kilometres from Angri, the largest archaeological site in the province of Naples opens up before its visitors.

Staying in Angri: strategic point for your trip to Campania

Angri is one of the most beautiful places on the slopes of the Lattari mountains. With its strategic position, it offers you the opportunity to try your hand at various activities, from the most cultural ones, with its centuries of history, to the more sporting ones, with the possibility of making various excursions on beautiful nature trails.

If you are in these parts and want to enjoy history and nature, your destination can only be Angri, which also offers the possibility of staying in a unique place through its facilities. I can't help but mention Palazzo Della Mura, a splendid bed and breakfast that offers you the chance to enjoy all the aforementioned beauties. In fact, located a few steps from the historic centre of Angri, it allows you to easily reach all your interests in just a few minutes.

Don't hesitate any longer! Angri and its beauties await you.