Wedding in Naples: getting married in magical places

Naples is a magical place. The beauty of its places makes everything incredibly more powerful and unmatched. Love in Naples also grows its intensity, becoming more alive and stronger. In the alleys of Naples, it is said that true love comes from the sea, which has created an indissoluble relationship with the city, real love.

Among all the rituals that seal love, one of the most common in Naples, is that of marriage, celebrated as tradition commands and above all in the presence of breathtaking Neapolitan landscapes it can become an unforgettable moment in the life of a couple.

Neapolitan marriage has traditions that are handed down from generation to generation, sharing gender variations but always following the same common thread. The wedding is celebrated with great pomp and splendour, with no cost saved. Let's find out together what is the tradition of the wedding in Naples.

The tradition of marriage in Naples: rituals and places to take photos

All starts with the marriage proposal and the resulting marriage promise. A current trend that precedes the wedding is to create photographic memories in the most beautiful panoramic places in Naples, among these there is obviously the Castel dell’ Ovo, the Posillipo hill with its views and the whole Phlegraean coast cannot be missing.

Immediately before the ceremony, there is the last ritual that tradition includes among its ranks: the serenade. Usually, the promised husband dedicates a loving song to his beautiful future wife overlooking the balcony and at the end pays tribute to her with a bouquet of flowers or with a fireworks show.

The ceremony is celebrated in the day after the serenade with all the aforementioned pomp, but let's see now what are the best places to celebrate your love.

The most beautiful places to celebrate your wedding with the sea in the background

Naples is full of places and breathtaking views where you can celebrate and party your wedding. There are religious places, which among the most coveted include: the church of Sant'Antonio in Posillipo, which offers a view of the whole city and the gulf itself with the front terrace of Sant'Antonio; the church of Gesù Nuovo, among the most luxurious in the city and with a size that recalls a manifest pomposity; finally the Amalfi Cathedral, nestled between the houses of Amalfi, landed on the coast, the cathedral with oriental characters, offers a breathtaking view of the pearl of the Sorrento peninsula.

Among the other most popular places there is certainly the Maschio Angioino, which allows you to celebrate your wedding in a civil ceremony in one of the residences of the ancient kings of Naples.

After the ceremony and before moving on to the parties, the spouses are used to entertaining themselves in a series of photos with friends and families who often and freely have maritime contexts or breathtaking places in the city of Naples. Once the collection of wedding photos is over, you can go to the party and among the most coveted places, there are all those related to the sea or to special landscapes that remain impressed on you. Here are some magical places to celebrate your wedding by the sea.

Seaside wedding in Naples: places for a romantic movie ending

Naples is crowded with breathtaking and incredible places to celebrate your wedding by the sea. Among these places I can not help but mention the beaches of the Gulf from Posillipo to the Domizio coast, in fact since 2013 the beaches, with the permission of the municipality of reference, can host your happy day. Which did woman dream of getting married to Vesuvius in the background and the sound of the waves a stone's throw from the ear, while the sand touches the feet of the spouses and guests? Among these places are: the beautiful beaches of the Posillipo hill, which a stone's throw from the centre give you the most famous perspective of Naples facing Vesuvius, such as the bay of Trentaremi and the beach of the nuns; the Domizio coastline, starting from Pozzuoli and reaching the Gulf of Gaeta, passing through Pineta Mare and Baia Domizia offers a large area of more intimate beaches on which to say 'yes' forever; the Sorrento peninsula with the beautiful beaches of the Sorrento and Amalfi coast, offers you the opportunity to choose a suggestive and enchanting place among the dozens of beaches that creep among the rocks of the coast from Torre San Giovanni to Marina di Ugento overlooking Capri, which also offers incredibly divine ideas and places.

Organize your wedding overlooking the sea

Finally, among the most sought and most popular seaside places, there is the Phlegraean coast which, far from the chaos of the city, allows you to have a direct relationship with the sea in the tranquillity of its beaches. Many places on the coast allow you to live an unforgettable experience, from Pozzuoli to Baia, passing through Bacoli and Capo Miseno, offering unparalleled locations, such as not to mention the beautiful beach of Baia castle or the inlet of Schiacchetiello. Even the Averno lake and the Lucrino lake manage to have their say in this special classification, but the place that is a true masterpiece to celebrate your wedding is the Kora events, which in the beautiful setting of the Phlegraean fields between Pozzuoli and Baia, in the strip of land which separates the sea from Lake Lucrino, offers everything you need to celebrate and feast your wedding. The Kora events mix innovation and tradition together, both in the celebrations and in the food to be served, so much so as to have introduced 5 must-haves for each wedding, which will make your wedding unique and unforgettable.

Naples offers everything you could want for your wedding, so if you are ready to make the big leap? What are you waiting for? Get your special day unique, getting married in Naples and its enchanting places.