After nine years the Giro d'Italia finally comes back to Naples. In next may the cyclist will ride even through the Campi Flegrei, a leg that missed for more that fourty years. 

The way of the leg: departure and arrive in Naples

It will be a so hard leg that will begin and finish in Naples in via Caracciolo, for a total of 149 km. As we said, after more than fourty years the Campi Flegrei will be crossed by the cyclist, and they will do it crossing Coroglio, Bagnoli and Pozzuoli; later, they will travel to Bacoli and Monte di Procida. The last destination has been chosen because of Procida as capital of culture in 2022. 

The last leg Naples-Naples was in 2013, but it was just around the city and it was won by the british Mark Cavendish, who preceded the italian cyclist Elia Viviani. The winner of the entire tour was the sicilian Vincenzo Nibali. The three times world champion Peter Sagan is very excited about the neapolitan leg, because of its varied structure, that is similar to the qualities of the cyclist. 

A chance that encourages the culture and tourist growth

There's so much satisfaction in the neapolitan administration for a such important goal that gives luster and prestige to the city. It will be a precious chance for millions of sport lovers to admire an historical race, but also to be attracted by the beauty of Naples.

In effect, "satisfaction" is the word that joins the main authors of this administrative masterpiece. Josi Gerardo della Ragione, mayor of Bacoli, and Peppe Pugliese, mayor of Monte di Procida, told it today to the journalists. The accent is on the promotion of sports values, but especially on the cultural and tourist growth, seeing as it will be possible to admire magnificents as Fusaro Lake, the Casina Vanvitelliana, Miseno, the ancient harbour of Misenum. 

Back to the past: the Giro d'Italia in 2013

As we said before, the one of 2013 was the last Giro d'Italia with a leg in Naples, but in that moment the cyclist didn't ride in the heart of Campi Flegrei as they will do next year. Nine years ago the competition started in Naples. There were two different circuits that the teams had to repeat four and eight times, finishing in via Caracciolo. 

After the first leg, the tour went in Ischia island, with the layout that had the way Ischia Porto-Forio, for a totale of 17.4 km. The next step too was about Naples, because it started in Sorrento and finished in Ascea Marina, even if this last place is in Salerno. 
There has never been a neapolitan tradition in cycling, in effect, no neapolitan took part in the Tour in 2013, as probably will happen next year. The whole scene will be occupied by the city which will shine bright showing its beauty to the entire world.