The evolution of the Neapolitan songs between 1700 and 1900

The city of Naples in the years between 1700 and 1900 has been hit by many difficulties, but this city in the shadow of Vesuvius has always remained an 'open space theater', an inexhaustible source of inspiration for artists of all kinds . Especially artists from the world of singers.
To confirm this theory, the ancient music of that time and the Neapolitan songs produced are still known all around the world, the Neapolitan citizen, or any citizen of the world who loves this culture, finds the right opportunity every day to listen or celebrate an ancient Neapolitan song.

A concert of ancient Neapolitan music in the historic center of the city

Reliving the beauty and uniqueness of the city of Naples, in the periods in which these magnificent songs were born, is possible: the Ensemble ''Amici del 700 Napoletano'' has organized a concert on this kind of music and songs on 26th May and 23rd June. 
''La Napoli Cantata'' will be in concert in the San Lorenzo Maggiore complex, located in Piazza San Gaetano, in the heart of the historical city center of Naples. An atmosphere rich of culture and art where historical opera will be performe by greatest Soprano.
Songs will be sung well aroundall over the world and not only in Naples. very famous song as' O sole mio and Paisiello. A musical trip inside the works of all the greatest composers born in the city of Naples.
A concert of the highest level, really special in music production both for vocal and instrumental production , the Neapolitan song is known for its melodies but also for the production of different instruments. The arias by Giovanbattista Pergolesi and the song by Tosti will be played, the works by Donizetti and Salvatore Di Giacomo will be reproduced, the artists will dedicate a space too
to the folklore of Tarantella or Funiculi Funiculà. 
For the more romantic, will played, also, love songs, songs that fall in love millions of people in the history of Naples and not only, tracks as; I love you assaje, 'A vucchella, Reginella. This texts will remind you the poetry of this songs, a poetry that only this singers knew how to put into a musical text. The duration of the concert is 75 minutes. 
It will be a unique concert of its kind, in addition to the reproduction of the songs will be explained and told anecdotes or legends about the songs performed during the concert, the reporters will translate everything into English, all ready to engage the pubblic in all its shades.
The dates of the events are two: Saturday 26th May at 8pm and Saturday 23rd June at 9pm. The ticket price is 20 euros and can be purchased at the Chiostro San Lorenzo Maggiore ticket office.

Piazza San Gaetano, 316