You guys ready? The ninth edition of Napoli Pizza Festival 2019 is about to begin, at 6 p.m. on Friday 13 September, and all 50 ovens of the tastiest pizza festival will light up in the famous setting of the Neapolitan seafront for a series of exciting and varied events that will last until Saturday 22 September.
It will not be 10 days of pizza alone (although this may also be enough) but also of exciting shows, music, gastronomic culture, the territory and much more. The areas of the Pizza Class (how to make pizza at home) NPV KIDS (dedicated to children) will start working from 19.00. The Ferrari rooftop will be inaugurated with the first meeting of the NPV d'Essai, while the ribbon cutting of the village with the authorities is fixed at 20.30. From 21.30, however, the stage will welcome the first artist in radiovision on RTL 102.5, the italian rapper Clementino.

Clementino on stage at Napoli Pizza Village for the first evening

Clemente Maccaro, aka Clementino, will be the artist who will open this surprising edition of the number one food festival in the world. The spirit of the I.E.N.A. (as it is also known in italy) or again, a real "Rapstar", as Fabri Fibra has already crowned it. Don't associate him with the identity of other italian hip hop, Clementino da Nola was born and raised in the Neapolitan underground, and despite his great achievements, his roots just can't forget them.

He came from places where the future can be scary and that's why he chose his job also to show, not only to himself, that a well used and turned on microphone can take you where maybe even it was not expected to go. His prophecy must become so positive thought: you can do it, if you believe in it, if you work hard, if you fight with your teeth for what you believe in. Napoli Pizza Village will be the stage to celebrate the most appreciated dish in the world seasoned with the electrifying sound of double H all Neapolitan.

Program of the first evening of the Napoli Pizza Village on Friday, September 13

Here's the entire program of the day on Friday, 13:
18:00 Hospitality Area - Rotonda Diaz Conference: "Enhancement of the recognition of UNESCO" in collaboration with the Univerde Foundation chaired by Mr. A. Pecoraro Scanio. - Inauguration of the Photographic Exhibition Campaign #PizzaUnesco. 
19:00 Events area Terrazza Ferrari (access by invitation only) - "Taste Appointments: Fuscella & Ricotta". Promoted by Latteria Sorrentina in collaboration with Scatti di Gusto - Ospiti Teresa Iorio and Pasquale Gueli. 
20.00 Ferrari Terrace -NPV D'essai - "PopPizza Largo alle Periferie. How important is it to have the reference pizzeria under the house?" leads Nio Puzzi, with Raf Bonetta, Vincenzo Angillotti, Vincenzo Esposito
20:15 Inauguration of the Napoli Pizza Village with the Mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris and the presence of the authorities - Entrance Mergellina side.
20.30 stage - Clementino followed by Il cantautore Tommaso Primo - Il rapper Pepp-oh - L'ironico della canzone napoletana Ernesto a Foria and Friends- Ivan Granatino.
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