An active volcano in Campania: Vesuvius

Guardian of the Gulf of Naples, Vesuvius stands out for several kilometers to protect the whole city that lies safely, but alert, under its slopes. Cross and delight of the Neapolitan people owes its name to Ercole, son of Zeus, or to Vesbio, king of the Pelasgi who dominated these lands at the beginning of the centuries.

The Neapolitans have always been linked to their volcano so much as to believe that the eruptions of Vesuvius heralded great historical changes, such as the motions of Masaniello, the unity of Italy and the end of the Second World War.

Today, Vesuvius offers evocative landscapes and activities to be practiced on its slopes, so much so that in 1995 a park was created with remarkable geological, historical and natural interest: the Vesuvius National Park.

The Vesuvius National Park

The Vesuvius National Park embodies a conglomeration of the history of volcanology, natural treasures, breathtaking landscapes, cultivations and folk traditions handed down over the centuries, which make it one of the most charming places to visit in Campania.

The park preserves all the geological, animal, plant and paleontological uniqueness, together with images of a breathtaking territory; but we discover together what is hidden in the national park of Vesuvius.

Walk on a volcano: the paths of Vesuvius

Among the areas of Vesuvius there are several paths that allow you to reach corners of the entire volcano. Currently there are 11 routes on which you can reach every place, among the most suggestive routes that can take you to visit the park of Vesuvius, there are the Inferno valley, the River of lava, passing through the Great Cone.

The Inferno Valley is one of the most evocative paths, encircling all around the Gran Cono and leads us to come into contact with pebbles and lava stone that still seem to be melting, but which have a coldness and a lightness that is astonishing, while the Gran Cono is the pinnacle of the entire park, the most incredible point of the entire volcano, where you can admire the 360 ​​° panorama and look directly into the mouth of the volcano.

Drink wine in the shadow of Vesuvius

The Vesuvius, in addition to the naturalistic beauties and the breathtaking landscapes, offers many other attractions, closely linked to the local popular, cultural and gastronomic tradition of the area. From the slopes of the volcano are born several towns and villages rich in history that even dates back to the ancients until the most recent conquests of the kingdom of Naples, and in which you can have the chance to come across pieces of Neapolitan culture belonging to different eras and different peoples.

In these villages different popular traditions are born that often root their own roots on this soil; from farms to master craftsmen, many workers prospered on the slopes of the volcano. An example of these workers are the Vesuvian vines, which for centuries have produced a wine that often, in ancient times, has been compared to that of the gods.

Among the workers who have been producing wine in these lands for decades, Casa Setaro stands out above all, a winery that manages to link its history to the volcanic land and to the meticulous experience of a family, committed to handing down love and respect for viticulture from father to son. The company produces the finest specialties in terms of wines from all over Campania, from the Aglianico to the Falanghina, passing through indigenous varieties such as the Piedirosso and Caprettone, for the processing of which the company boasts a world record: it is the only company to produce a sparkling wine from Caprettone grapes in the Classic Method. In addition to the first wines, the company also offers the possibility of food and wine tours,  (to be chosen on the website with its own wine experience routes that allow you to enjoy not only the delicious nectar that is prepared in these lands and Neapolitan cuisine combined in some experiencesbut also of unique treasures and a piece of history kept here (it is the only Vesuvius House-Cellar).

If you are passionate about excursions, culture and wines, don't wait any longer, run to visit Naples and Vesuvius with its beautiful National Park.