After the stop of the last year due to the pandemic emergency, there's the return of the Christmas markets in the historical railway museum of Pietrarsa, that is an event that hosts visitors and tourists from the whole world.

Not only the wagons that smell of history and tradition, Pietrarsa will give magic for the third year even through the charm of the small houses of wood, the taste of neapolitan street food and the melodies and the magnificences that just Christmas can donate.

An event for everyone in Pietrarsa: it's Christmas time for adults and children

There's space for everyone in this great period of holiday that starts in November 27th and ends up in december 30th. In effect, the Christmas markets don't do age distinction, there are shows for the adults but also for children. 

Starting from the oldest, the main attraction is the of the wood houses, where local merchants, artisans, entrepreneurs and associations exhibit their products. Each stand wants to present to the visitors their own Christmas specialities. 
Moreover, there are food areas, with so many regional products, but even various concerts and itinerant exhibitions, included the unmissable Gospel Choir.

Probably the children are the main addresse of this Christmas fair, thanks to the wonderful magic that's so clear in Pietrarsa and to every show prepared.
First of all, the hall of 500 of the museum will be like Alice in Wonderland, so it will have a theme furniture. So there will be space of tea and the majestic cups, the mushroom of the garden, a big non-birthday cake and the cards of the Queen of Hearts. In addition, there's Santa Clause's throne, where children can sit and ask presents. In the end, kids can send letter to Santa and they can see the presentation of the railways that pulled the Polar Express.

When are the Christmas markets in Pietrarsa?

The magic of Christmas will light up Pietrarsa from November 27th to December 30th, closing in November 29th and 30th, and December 1st, 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 20th. It's necessary to show the Green Pass to access to the fair. The opening is at 10 am, while the closing is  at 11 pm from Monday to Friday, and at 12 pm on Saturday and Sunday.