Neapolitan music: how important is music for the city?

Naples is an open-air theater, Naples is art but above all Naples is music. The Neapolitan song is a story that has spread throughout the world, how many times it happens outside Italy or in the most far states from Parthenope to listen to some ancient Neapolitan song.  It's magical every time.
Ancient music, the music of feeling is one of the most important essences of this city. Listening to some songs while walking in the little streets of the popular neighborhoods you can appreciate the spirit of Neapolitan people and Naples, a city that doesn't live without listen music.
From street artists, the symphonies you hear passing alongside the conservatory, the events in the large squares of the city, you can trust... the music of this city will enter your soul. We tried to collect ''what music means for Naples'' in this video below, a clip opened by the master Enzo Gragnaniello.

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