Landscapes photos: 5 areas where you can take the perfect selfie in Naples

Naples is a great city, visit the entire city will brings you to admire many landscapes, you will look out and you will find the magnificence of the sea, views to remember forever in your mind. 
We have tried to collect for you 5 places to admire and save forever with a selfie, 5 points where to take the perfect selfie, it's the truth... Now the selfie is part of our travels, our visits and our holidays. Many memories saved in a selfie. 
From the Rampe of Sant'Antonio where you can admire the seafront of the city in the neighborhood, going down to Borgo Marechiaro you can take a picture of the sea, admiring the sea that bathes the city and the islands of Naples not so far. Another hill from where you can admire the whole city is the Certosa of San Martino, but the best place to admire the sun at sunset in the sea si the Virgilian Park. Last but not least, a place to admire from every perspective is the Castel dell'Ovo, a different view at every turn and every floor, from inside and outside the castle.
What are you waiting for? Keep the suitcase ready, the phone charged and the memory free, run to take lots of photos during your visit in Naples!

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