Nightlife in Naples: where to go to enjoy the night in the city?

The views of the city, the sea of ​​Naples: very beautiful places. But seeing the same places in the city at night are more magical. Where are the places to enjoy Naples at night?

Nightlife in the city begins at dinner time in the historic center, there are several squares and streets where you can have fun with an aperitif or you want spend an evening drinking a drink with friends. Piazza Bellini, Piazza San Domenico and all the surrounding streets of the historic center are ideal for enjoying the center. The history of the city at night doesn't sleep, several cultural tours are open even in the late evening, the right mix of culture and entertainment.

Later, after 10 pm, the nightlife is also active in the Chiaia district, from the Baretti di San Pasquale area, where there are many bars, up to the Lungomare area with many restaurants and bars very near to the sea. Also very close to the area of ​​Borgo Marinari, a small port very characteristic for nightlife.

If you are looking for some club or disco there are some in the Chiaia area, even if the area best known for clubs and discos is Bagnoli, where there are many places close to each other.

So many tips, we hope they are useful. Enjoy this video guide and... Enjoy Naples at night!