1. Naples is the city of the sun....but, what if it starts to rain?

You have just arrived in Naples, in a beautiful sunny day, and immediately you start to walk along it far and wide, between the Posillipo's hill and the wonderful Mergellina's seafront, but unluckily stars to rain and you still don't know what to do? Don't panic! Napoli, as bigger and wider as it is, always has got a valid choice. So, if you are around the historic centre, but haven't got any umbrella with you, you can take repair into its amusing churches or just into its museums full of history, art and culture to make up your eyes. It could happen you may find an amazing rainbow outside of them!

2. Longing for a pizza, but all the pizzerias are full? Check it out!

You have walked all day around the city and now you're longing for a very special pizza but all the pizzerias are full? No problem! As you know, Naples is so unique in its own traditions that they are spread around it through the street food: you might need to take a look around, in fact, to find such different places where it is possible to eat, each one dedicated to a different speciality: from the 'zeppole' and the 'panzarotti' to the pasta omelettes, passing through the 'Genovese' and the 'ragou' sauces to the desserts. Of course, ending everything with a "tazzulella 'e cafè". 

3. Naples' beauties must be captured...but you need to repair your smartphone?

During your stay in the city, it may happen that, among one selfie with the Vesuvio right back to you and another, your smartphone could get a little bit damaged or even, break. How to repair it in case? You don't need to worry about that: in less than a hour, Play & More will repair your smartphone bring it back to its old funcitions. The store is in Via Toledo 317, a few metres away frpm Plebiscito Square and the S. Carlo's Theatre, whose beauty must be absolutely captured.

4. Visiting all the other areas is possible....but with or without the taxi?

You are willing to get outside the city to see the ancient beauty of Ercolano and Pompei or the natural one of the Amalfitan Coast, but taking a taxi could be too much expensive? Fortunately, all these areas are easily linked with Naples, so you just need to go to the Central Station and take one of the Circumvesuviana's trains that will bring you in the places above mentioned, allowing you to make a fantastic trip through time and nature. 

5. If the hotel hasn't got the luggage storage...what could you do?

it's the last day of this fulfilling experience in Naples and around, and just before you leave you'd like to make another tour through the city but don't know where to leave your luggages because your hotel hasn't got one? There are many luggage storages around the city where you can comfortably  leave your bags until the time you leave, in order to enjoy Naples atmosphere one more time.