Winter in Naples: a city to be admired in a different light

In the collective imagination, Naples is linked to its mild and temperate climate, to the sun that illuminates with its rays the incomparable and magnificent landscape of the city. To the sea that bathes it, and that invites citizens, visitors and tourists to contemplate its eternal beauty. A city to be experienced in the light of the warm seasons, such as spring and summer.

But also winter, which in Naples is never really rigorous as elsewhere, is a suitable season to enjoy the beauties of the city of Partenope, to fully breathe its magical and fascinating atmosphere. If you are lucky, in fact, you will be able to enjoy a suggestive spectacle, more unique than rare: to be able to admire Vesuvius, the symbol of the city, with its completely snow-covered top. And if you are passionate about photography, and maybe you have already visited Naples in the hottest months, winter is an unmissable opportunity "to take different snapshots" of the Neapolitan capital. To reread the landscape with a different light, the winter one.

Winter in Naples: discover art and culture in and around the city

Naples is one of the richest cities in monuments in the world, and its historic center has been a UNESCO heritage site for years. Even the winter season, among others, is suitable for a nice "invigorating" walk through the streets of the city, in search of the most important cultural assets to visit and photograph!

You will "warm up", in fact, by making a brief greeting to the Angioni and the Bourbons buried in the Basilica of Santa Chiara or by making your personal homage to another important dynasty, the Aragonese, admiring their famous arks, "suspended" inside of the sacristy of San Domenico Maggiore. And if it starts to rain, and you need shelter, go straight down towards the Duomo: it will take at least an hour to visit it properly and thoroughly, the right time to wait for the weather to improve. The Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro, the Basilica of Santa Restituta, the Crypt, these are just some of the wonders that await you inside. 

And the tour could continue indefinitely, you could walk, for example, towards Piazza Mercato, to visit the church of Carmine Maggiore or the nearby Basilica of the Santissima Annunziata, to immerse yourself in the historical scenario of the Masaniello revolt, to breathe the scents older than the city it once was. There would be countless itineraries that we could propose to you, art lovers visiting Naples in winter, obviously without forgetting the splendid city museums, such as, for example, the Mann, precious keeper of classical antiquities; the Capodimonte Museum, a temple of art of international prestige; the Museum and Certosa di San Martino, pearl of Baroque art with its splendid church and inexhaustible treasure chest of the most vivid testimonies of Neapolitan history. Just pay attention, however, to the times and openings unfortunately conditioned by the Covid emergency. 

So what are you waiting for? Equip yourself with a scarf, gloves, hat and a small umbrella and don't forget cell phones and cameras: you can fill your social profiles with the most precious images of the city of Naples

Around Naples in winter: warming up with Neapolitan cuisine

Among your "social postcards", you cannot miss those dedicated to another form of art that makes Naples famous all over the world: the gastronomic one. In compliance with the current anti-Covid rules, in fact, you will be able to enjoy the joys of Neapolitan pizza, especially after an intense tourist trek, which will surely have made you hungry. And if, as often happens, the day is not particularly cold, you can enjoy your pizza on the street, in the "wallet mode", as the Neapolitan on the road tradition teaches. Perhaps accompanying it with a nice portion of fried food, the typical "zeppole and panzarotti", an unmissable specialty of Neapolitan cuisine.

Obviously, after lunch, you cannot miss the inevitable coffee, which will help keep you awake for an afternoon still full of knowledge and exploration, even better if consumed alongside some delicacies from the renowned local pastry. What to take? You are spoiled for choice, between babà, sfogliatelle (riccia or shortcrust?) And the less famous, but equally tasty, sour cherry biscuit.

So, with the palate satisfied and enriched by the flavors and aromas of the prestigious Neapolitan cuisine and with the views of your photos and social stories to the stars, you can continue your winter adventure in the shadow of Vesuvius and the Siren, to return home completely satisfied. and satisfied with one conviction above all: even in winter, it is worth visiting the wonders of the city of Naples.