Nowadays workers, students and tourists have less and less time to stop and have lunch, then popularity of “steet food” has hugely grown, because it's quicker and cheaper than the classic lunch. Naples is a city that always keeps up with the times and has invented its own version of street food: the “pizza a portafoglio”. Do you want to know what is “pizza a portafoglio”? Find it out with us!

WALLET – Why is it called “pizza a portafoglio”? Because this pizza is folded in a very particular way, that makes it very compact and easy to eat with hands, and it looks like a wallet. The italian word “portafoglio” means wallet.

CONVENIENCE – A “pizza a portafoglio” costs between 1€ and 2€. A very low price, especially if compared with the cost of a hamburger in a fast food. In short, cheaper, tastier, healthier.

QUICKNESS – What to do if you get hungry during a walk through Naples? Simple, just eat a “pizza a portafoglio”! Pizzerias make “pizza a portafoglio” in a very few minutes, serving them to the customers still hot. Enjoy your meal and don't burn yourselves!

REAL PIZZA – When you're eating a “pizza a portafoglio”, remember that you are eating a real pizza! “Pizza a portafoglio”, in fact, is made with the same ingredients and baked in the same wood-fired oven of the real pizza. Pizza in Naples is a big deal, even if you eat it in a hurry or in the street.

HISTORY - “Pizza a portafoglio” has a very long history. The “pizzeria”, that claims to have invented it, is in Port'Alba, near Piazza Dante, and it was founded in 1738.