The carnival in Naples... on the table

The carnival period is a very popular holiday in Italy, begins January 17 and ends on Mardi gras, this day is defined according to the calendar, different every year.
Naples for carnival, as for every holiday, has its typical food, in this case is a dessert: chatter and black pudding (chiacchiere e sanguinaccio).
Let's find out the origin of this sweet combination.

The chatter: a simple, typically Italian dessert

The chatter is a typical Italian dessert, even dating back to ancient Rome and they are called differently depending on the region in which  on the region in which they are prepared they take different names. What are the ''chiacchiere''? A sort of very thin biscuit prepared mainly with water, butter and flour, a very simple dessert but there are some variations that have been born over the years.
Covered with chocolate, covered with pistachio and many others. The chatter can be baked or fried, linear or curled.

Neapolitan black pudding (sanguinaccio): history of a banned sweet cream

The black pudding (sanguinaccio) is a typically Neapolitan dessert, now we will tell you the story of a historically banned dessert.
Until almost 30 years ago, in 1992, the black pudding was prepared as a chocolate cream mixed with the pig's blood. The combination of these two ingredients derives form religion, the carnival period, as already mentioned, begins January 17th, this is the day of the death of Saint Anthony Abbot took place.
The saint is usually represented with a pig and with the fire around, the presence of fire is not random, a type of herpes is called ''Fire of St. Anthony'' and it was treated with ancient natural methods using pig's blood.
Today the black pudding is a very particular chocolate cream with a very sweet taste, without pig's blood.

Carnival in Naples with chatter and black pudding (chiacchiere e sanguinaccio)

If in the carnival festivities you would like to eat chatter and you would taste some good Neapolitan black pudding, you can try it at the bar and pastry shop "Angelo Carbone Catering" with its headquarters in Via Giovanni Porzio 4
and Largo Regina Coeli 4/5/6/8 in Naples.