Naples, 5th June 2018 - The start of 8th edition of Napoli Pizza Village has been very successful, with 275 thousand visitors in the weekend. In fact, in the first three days of the event, thanks also to the excellent guest who have performed on the stage, concert realized in collaboration with the RTL radio 102.5, the public attendance on the Caracciolo seafront was over expectations. The most popular Radio in Italy today unveils the name of the surprise guest expected for Saturday 9th: the rapper Gué Pequeno, he will sing on the stage of Napoli Pizza Village.
"The data are very good today and for next days, the goal we have set is 'reaching one million visitors' - confirms the organizer Claudio Sebillo -, the good weather was certainly an accomplice of this initial result as well as the product recall of the National and local artists who have performed, the participation of tourists, thanks to the promotional action put in place with Trenitalia, has contributed to success of the event outside the regional territory, in the rest of Italy".
Pizza d'essai - Wednesday 6th "Senza Lievito": slow and prolonged leavening for very light and easily digestible doughs. This is the theme on which the Neapolitan Pietro Parisi will be confronted (a supporter of the 0 km products and creator of the "fujuto" yeast, owner of the "Era Ora" restaurant) and Friedrick Schmuck (founder of the Plan B in Syracuse, advocate of the selection of the best materials raw to enhance in the dish). The conferenc will be moderate by Stefanie Cabibbo, blogger known as "Mastercheffa".
Thursday 7th will be discussed the topic "Pietra vs 00". Gabriele Sorice di Acunzo1964 ) author of a constant search for unusual combinations of flavor) and Peppe Casale & Vincenzo Mirra of Morsi & Rimorsi (that always focus on original combinations with high quality seasonal ingredients with Dop, Igp brand and Slow Food Presidia) will talk and analyze their pizza preparatione. To moderate the Irpina Ramona Pizzano, of the blog "".
On the stage - Rtl 102.5, official radio of the event announces with the organization the arrival of the Milanese rapper Cosimo Fini, known to all as Gué Pequeno, for Saturday 9th. The idol of rap lover will perform on stage where he will sing the last single unpublished "Come se fosse normale".

On Wednesday 6th they will perform a special Guest: Le Vibrazioni. But the Neapolitan actress, Cristiana Donadio will also be present with a tribute to the actor Enzo Moscato, the Italian Mandolin Academy and the TheRivati, the Americans of Naples, their music is the 'daughter' of the neapolitan power of piece of music history like Pino Daniele, Napoli Centrale and Enzo Avitabile. On stage will perform also the Neapolitan rapper Bless and after will perform DaVinci, he is the son of Sal Da Vinci, who will singon stage his latest hit trap "arape 'a porta" and finally Marco Ferrigno with his crib art. 
Thursday 7th Sandra Milo will present ten young singer (from 8 to 13 years), assisted by Maestro Vincenzo Sorrentino and directed by Miriam Artiaco the soprano of the San Carlo Theater, this group of artists will perform a selection of Pino Daniele's songs. Then the evening continues with the live concert tribute 'Pino è' from the San Paolo Stadium on the big screen of the NPV stage, commented by Angelo Baiguini, Gianni Simioli and Gigio Rosa live from the truck of RTL 102.5, official radio of the event, positioned at the center of the Naples Pizza Village.

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