Naples Pizza Village: everything is ready for the start of the event

Less than two weeks at the Naples Pizza Village, the city is waiting to see the start at work of the 50 masters of pizza, the arrival of the summer season is the right moment to enjoy the days of the event on the frame of the Naples Seafront.
Everything is ready, from 1st to 10th June the pizzerias on the seafront will be ready to satisfy every desire of your palate. But there is an opportunity to live 'inside the areas' of the Naples Pizza Village.

'Mattino guest' contest: win the 40 passes pass for the Theme Areas

The perfect opportunity comes from 'Il Mattino', a famous newspaper of Neapolitan origins, it has 40 passes for the theme areas of the Naples Pizza Village for its readers, the pass will be assigned after a draw on the official Facebook page of the newspaper from 24th to 27th May, 'Il Mattino' will be extracts 10 passes every day for 4 days. 

The pass will allow you access to all four areas of the Naples Pizza Village. You will be able to access the stage where the concerts will take place, a backstage pass where you can enter for free. Where great artists will be perform: Ultimo, Noemi, Nesli, Mario Biondi, Lo Stato Sociale and many others. 

 You can have access also in the pizzeria areas to taste the specialties prepared by the pizza masters. You can enter inside the NPV d'Essai and the NPV Pizza Class, in this last area will be made lessons from the masters of pizza present at the event, they are ready to reveal the secrets of Neapolitan pizza and how to prepare it in your home oven, you will learn under the watchful eye of famous owners of pizzerias of the city. 

How to participate in the 'Mattino Guest' contest? A very simple procedure, you just have to comment under the posts published on the official page of 'Il Mattino' every day, all about Naples Pizza Village. A tip? You can write, for example, and describe what is pizza for you, say what is it with a quote, a picture, a gif ... (Click here for the post to comment and for more information

How to win the passes? They will be extracted from the editorial staff of 'Il Mattino' and after the necessary checks, the 10 names who win will be published every day on the official page.

NEWS: Thanks to the new online booking method, you can already order a menu and skip the line at the ticket offices on the days of the event. Find out how by clicking here.