Naples, 11th June 2018 - "A success that went beyond our expectations, we have a goal million visitors and we registered an even higher number: 1,047,000 visitors - say the organizers Claudio Sebillo and Alessandro Marinacci of the company Oramata Grandi Eventi, company that organized the event - together with pizza, the music, the shows and the many appointments that complete the Napoli Pizza Village program, such as the gourmet section, the conferences, the insights with Pizza Class and the World Cup of Pizza Maker, these are contents that have made NPV  an event of entertainment and reference outside the regional borders. This is the right direction to make Naples and the event a point of interest for tourist with a format that improve the beauty of the city and the entire regional territory"
Also for the official radio of the event, RTL 102.5, with the hashtag linked to the Napoli Pizza Village stage, the result has very succesful, it become a trend topic on Instagram for the city of Naples in these 10 days. The format is very good, just the time to disassemble the village and already starts to prepare the 2019 edition (May 31th - June 9th).
"We must immediately define the project for 2019 with the institutions, the sponsors and tour operators that ask for a definite programs for the future and we must give ready and right answers - says the organizers - Someone talks about the Universiade on the seafront, but the concomitance would make it difficult organization and it would be an error to miss this opportunity ".
The requests from other area has arrived and now will do technical tests with part of the event in Tuscany (Prato, 13th - 17th June and Lido di Camaiore 4th - 8th July) before flying to the United States of america to confirm the presence during Columbus Day (4th - 8th October 2018) as a special guest representing Neapolitan pizza in America. We have received request also in Italy, an important program is in development for a big city as Milan where an exhibition is planned in the fall.
The final numbers of the event showa the overall value of the project, where over 200,000 pizzas are made - including those in hospitality area and pizza area class (in partnership with Molino Caputo and Casa Rossopomodoro), the earning has been donated to the charaity association 'A heart for a friend of Professor Carlo Vosa', in the NPV arthouse area and the world pizza chef - there were consumption of over 55 tons of flour, 2.5 tons of tomatoes, 2,800 liters of oil, 3 tons of dairy products and over 2,000 basil little plants. The attendance data at the events stage, rich in national and international participations, are at the stage with about 600 thousand appearances in the 10 days of event, and finally here is that the one million and 47 thousand visitors. Naples with this event has registered sold out in hotels, pensions and B & B, and with Trenitalia transit numbers to the capital of Campania, it is an importante point of interest for tourist who wanted to visit the NPV.
The excellent implementation of the security and traffic plan, managed by the police station S. Ferdinando with the Commander Pasquale De Lorenzo and the municipal police section of Chiaia, directed by the captain Sabina Pagnano, and all the forces of the Order intervened, give at the Naples Pizza Village - through the action of control and prevention - a peaceful execution.
Meanwhile, the Naples Pizza Village has joined to the project 'Scegli Napoli',  an organization born with the mission to promote products born and processed in Naples and its metropolitan areThe project will continue with the aim of helping local trade and involving citizens in local manufacturing. Actions designed to support the local economy, protect employment and create new jobs. Thanks to the reduction in transport and packaging protects the environment .