Drawn and assigned the positions of the 50 historic pizzerias protagonists, from 1st to 10th June on the Neapolitan waterfront.

Naples, 8 May 2018 - Exactly five months from the proclamation of Unesco heritage, which established the Art of Pizzaiolo as heritage of Humanity, we return to talk about pizza all over the world with the eighth edition of Napoli Pizza Village and the 17th of the "World Championship of Pizzauiolo - Trofeo Caputo". Today the draw took place to assign the positions of the 50 historic pizzerias on the Caracciolo seafront that will participate in the event scheduled from the 1st to the 10th of June, organized by Oramata Grandi Eventi.

With a draw, broadcast live on the social networks of the NPV from the Palazzo delle Arti in Naples, in the presence of the owners of the pizzerias registered at the event, were defined the exact positions for the entire duration of the event . The first oven, (station number 01), starting from Piazza Vittoria, under the stage positioned for concerts and other entertainment shows , was assigned to the historic pizzeria Donna Sofia, while at the end of these positions of wood oven , A kilometer of ovens and pizzerias in series along the Neapolitan waterfront , the pizzeria of the Zombino Brothers on the side of Mergellina will be in 44th place. 

The 45th stand, dedicated to gluten-free pizza, has a central position, at the Rotonda Diaz to allow celiacs to take pizza and eat in a table with friends who eventually bought pizza in other pizzerias . Also other ovens have a location really functional inside the Village (those of Pizza Kids, Pizza Class-Casa Rossopomodoro, Hospitality area, Pizza d'Essai). 

In the list of 50 pizzerias there are many famous pizza master: Concettina ai Tre Santi, Michele Condurro, Naples 1820, Pellone, Sorbillo, world champion 2016 (classic pizza category), Vesi, Totò Sapore and that of ancient art but recently opened in Naples by Vincenzo Capuano. Ovens, but also fryers in some stands as in that of the ''Le figlie di Iorio'' of the current world champion, fried pizza category, Teresa Iorio was the only woman present in the draw, she has extracted the numbers of the stations.

From now, you can start voting for your favorite pizzeria in the event. Your vote will be fundamental: the most voted pizzeria will be awarded on stage on 10th June in the final evening of the event , you can vote here the poll.

The pizza master of this edition will present, in the next days, their specialties that will be added to the standard menù of the organizers of the Naples Pizza Village.

The ticket costs 12 euros and includes also a drink, an ice cream or a dessert and coffee. The public can choose between pizza Margherita and Marinara, or the specialties offered by the pizza master which, like every year, will propose a new and special pizza, created to attract to attract as many hungry customers as possible to their pizzeria.

This is the result of the draw of the pizza stations at the Napoli Pizza Village 2018:

1. Donna Sofia
2. Gigino e Figli
3. PalaPizza
4. 'O Sarracin
5. Fresco
6. Da Gennaro a Bagnoli
7. Vincenzo Capuano
8. Marigliano
9. Sorbillo
10. Mozzarella e Basilico
11. Michele Condurro
12. Da Mario
13. Napoli 1820
14. Pizzeria del Popolo
15. Le Figlie di Iorio (forno e fritta)
16. Lucignolo Bella Pizza
17. Fiorenzano (solo pizza fritta)
18. Palazzo Petrucci
19. Angillotti
20. Zia Esterina Sorbillo (solo pizza fritta)
21. Bellini
22. Perna (forno e fritta)
23. Ciccio's Corner
24. Porzio (forno e fritta)
25. Nanà
26. Pellone
27. Napul'è
28. Concettina ai Tre Santi
29. La Nuova Italia
30. Totò Sapore
31. I Decumani
32. Vesi
33. Oliva
34. Fermento
35. Ferrillo
36. Pizzeria 33
37. Da Ciro
38. I Mascalzoni Latino
39. Vesuvio
40. Pizza e' coccos'
41. Lo sgonfiotto
42. Don Peppe
43. Attilio Albachiara Pummarò
44. Fratelli Zombino
45. Il Guappo Amoriello (senza glutine)

NEWS: Thanks to the new online booking method, you can already order a menu and skip the line at the ticket offices on the days of the event. Find out how by clicking here.