Naples, 8th June 2018 - The great music continues at the Naples Pizza Village and in the final weekend the protagonists will be the Milanese rapper Guè Pequeño, on Saturday, and Lo Stato Sociale, the group ranked second in 2018 edition of Sanremo Festival. Thanks to Rtl 102.5 the official radio of event, the guests will perform on stage presenting their successes but will not be the only artists to animate the final weekend of the event, there will be a rich lineup of artists .

Gastronomy, music but also culture and economy, Naples Pizza Village has become an event that entertains everyone, rich in many genres, an international event and the attendance record is just one of the objectives, on this themes the organizers say:
 "This eighth edition of the Naples Pizza Village - say Alessandro Marinacci and Claudio Sebillo of Oramata Grandi eventi - is the edition of beaten record, not only for the large presence of the public, we hope will reach one million of visitors, but for promote the entire city, institutions and law enforcement agencies linked the project. Now the message is unique: the Naples Pizza Village is an instrument of all of us to promote the entire territory and the regional economy, not just an event dedicated to pizza. The sold out of hotels and Bed and breakfast, requests to take the format in other countries and in other Italian cities, it'a confirm of how much this tourism promotion project has given to Naples this event".

In 60 hours of opening of the 9 days of the event there were numerous initiatives and contests that saw pizza makers as the contest of High Speed ​​pizza maker, the fastest was created in just 16 seconds and 7 tenths by Giuseppe Crapetti. The pizza chef of the pizzeria Fermento, tomorrow evening will receive on the stage, the prize offered by Trenitalia, the official carrier of the NPV. 
On stage - On saturday 9th June, after the performance of the Milanese rapper Gué Pequeño, he was present at the concert of Fedez and Jax in San Siro, the great show of the RTL stage continues with many other artists:

Enzo Dong is one protagonists of the Neapolitan rap scene and to follow Enzo Savastano the irreverent singer who teases various musical genres from indie to neomelodic music. Later there will be present also Geolier & Nicola Siciliano authors of the Neapolitan hit "P Secondigliano" from over four million views on Youtube. Ready to dance then with the Bega Pegaonda that will perform on stage all the folk of Brazilian rhythms. And finally Sergio Siano will go on stage, the great Neapolitan photojournalist will present "Maradona", a photobook dedicated to the Pibe de Oro and Anna Trieste, an ironic Mattino journalist.
For the last night of the Naples Pizza Village, on Sunday 10the of June will go on stage the band Lo Stato Sociale from Bologna, ranked at second place in the last edition of Sanremo Festival with the song ''Una vita in vacanza''. The show continues with Maria Nazionale and after her SesèMamà a group of four Neapolitan artists (Brunella Selo, Elisabetta Serio, Fabiana Martone and Annalisa Madonna) guided by curiosity for new sounds and cultures of different ethnicities, including their languages, styles and dialects. Then, Stani Roggiero and I Bottari de la Cantica Popolare, an ensemble that makes the rhythm with wooden barrels, a unique show. Finally, the irreverent satire of Lercio in an extraordinary edition on the stage of the Pizza Village.

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