Desserts are very important in Naples and every dessert has own story. Some time ago, we told about other Neapolitan desserts, now it’s time of different 3 specialities of Naples. Follow us on this trip!

How is pastiera born?

Pastiera is a typical cake of Easter. Legend tells that, one night, during Easter time, the fishermen’s wives left on the beach some baskets with ricotta, wheat, eggs, candied fruit and orange blossoms. The women wanted to thank the Sea for their husbands to go back to their homes and keep them safe. In the morning, women found a sorprise! The waves had mixed all the ingredients together: the baskets were empty and there was only a cake, the pastiera. Apart from legend, we know that the pastiera was born in a monastery, most probably a dessert like it was already present in the pagan culture, to accompany the rites for the return of spring: infact, pastiera is made with eggs and wheat, symbols of rebirth and harvest.

Caprese cake is born in Capri

Caprese cake‘s story starts in Capri, in 1920. The island was already famous fot its beauty all over the world; such, that it attracted all kinds of people. It is said that one day the chef Carmine Di Fiore started the preparation of some almond cakes for 3 American crimanals, who arrived on the island to buy some gaiters for Al Capone. But, the chef made a mistake for distraction or for a hurry to finish. He forgot to add the necessary flour to the dough of cakes and he put them in the oven without notice. When he realized the mistake, he pulled out the cakes and he tasted one. With great sorprise, he realized that he had created a new dessert! The cake was soft inside and cruncy on the outside. The 3 Americans were satisfied and they asked to Carmine the recipe!

The story of the ice-cream cone

Ice cream certainly originates in the Kingdom of the two Sicilies, infact still today Sicily has a great tradition of ice cream. Over the centuries, ice cream has had thousand transformations and evolutions. Already in 1700, Neapolitan people do loved “spumoni” and “coviglie“.  These desserts were made with a shell of frozen cream of different flavours and inside there was a light mousse with candied fruits, almonds and chocolate. Then, the ice-cream was put in the waffles, but the “cornetto”– as we know it – was born only in the second half of the twentieth century, just in Naples. The invention of “cornetto” was by Neapolitan Spica, who had its own ice cream production in the famous plants in Via Gianturco. In the 1959Spicaprepared a waffles with an isolating layer by mixing together oil, sugar and chocolate in order to hold ice-cream in a cone which would not melt once being in contact with the cold ingredients. This type of waffle was patented under the name “Cornetto”. Unfortunately, it was not successful, such that Spica was forced to sell the brand to Unilever, that would bring it in the houses of every world.