After 8 years of international negotiations in Jeju, South Korea, the Unesco Government Committee voted unanimously for Italy's candidacy, recognizing the art of handling and preparing Neapolitan pizza as unique in the world.

This is what is stated in the final Unesco decision:

"the culinary know-how linked to the production of pizza, which includes gestures, songs, visual expressions, local jargon, the ability to handle pizza dough, perform and share is an indisputable cultural heritage. Pizza makers and their guests are engaged in a social ritual, whose counter and oven act as a "stage" during the pizza making process. This occurs in a convivial atmosphere involving constant exchanges with guests. Starting from the poor neighbourhoods of Naples, the culinary tradition is deeply rooted in the daily life of the community. For many young practitioners, becoming Pizzaiolo is also a way to avoid social marginalization."

This is the 58th Good protected in Italy, the 9th in Campania, and was obtained following the long work of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, which, supported by the pizza makers' associations, began in 2009 to draft the dossier to be submitted for the candidacy.

A great achievement for the city of Naples and for its traditions that, due to their fascination and genuineness, become important all over the world.