Enjoy the city of the sun!

During these long spring holidays, Naples looks majestic as usual, ready to achieve the first rays of light. It's almost impossible, indeed, to walk down among its streets and not to discover its natural beauty: from the mild weather to the sea colours. A very special way to celebrate the springtime consists of just spendind some time eating fish on the Megaride's little island and inside the S.Lucia's borough, among the indivisibility of the neapolitan landscapes, then just walking along the seafront that, empty from the traffic, gives a very beautiful view of the gulf, getting to the Riviera di Chiaia, where it is possible to admire historical buildings such as Palazzo Cioffi and the Ravaschieri one. If you want to enjoy, instead, an astonishing view able to embrace te whole city, the Virgilian Park is the idela place to enjoy th nature's awakening on the top of the Posillipo's hill, through which it is possible to see Mergellina, the Nisida's little island and the Vesuvius'profile. Another natural place full of art is, without a doubt, the Capodimonte's Wood where it is possible to admire so many monuments inside a green place lightened by the sun. Then, we recommend you to visit the S. Elmo's Castle on the Vomero's hill, from which it is possible to admire one of the most wonderful views of the city of Naples, embracing also the historic centre and the Gulf. 

Eat an ice cream in the heart of the historic center of Naples

During your walk through the historical centre you feel the need to taste a very good ice-cream but you don't know where to eat it? It's simple, the "Imagine" Ice-Cream Shop, in S.Biagio dei Librai, is right made for you. Let you conquer by this mozzarella bar, where every single product is just planned to follow the culinary tradition of the Campaia Region, such as the use of the mozzarella di buffala, which is made entirelywth bufala milk. Besides, all the ice-creams here produced with biological milk and ingredients chosen according to the right season. You can choose among ten different tastes, that change through the seasons. So, what's better than a tasty ice-cream eaten at sunset in one of the most ancient and beautiful areas of the city of Naples?