The Neapolitan pizza, the history of the most famous dish in the world

Neapolitan pizza is probably the most famous dish in the world. The first information should be traced back to 1700, information we received from the reports of Vincenzo Corrado on the eating habits of Neapolitans. A text written in the middle of the XVIII century. From the treatise of Corrado we can see the habit of Neapolitans to associate the pizza with macaroni and tomato. Compared to focaccia, another dish present throughout Italy, but we dare say all over Europe, the Neapolitan pizza has distinguished itself since its origins, both for its shape, and for the way it is cooked. The originality of the dish immediately gave it great success, so as to assert over the years and then centuries, a growing reputation, until today, where the Neapolitan pizza is considered the most famous and most popular dish in the world.

But is there only one type of Neapolitan pizza?

The Neapolitan pizza: differences between pizza in the rutiello and round pizza

The Neapolitan pizza actually has at least two noble variants, both rich in history and tradition. The peculiarity of the pizza is given first of all by the type of dough: the flour must be the one used to make the bread, that is soft wheat flour '00'. As for the round pizza, the dough is spread by hand, the operation of drafting forms the typical cornicione, ie the outer part of the pizza of a maximum thickness of 2cm, its baking time is up to 2 minutes, at a temperature of about 450 °.

The pizza in the rutiello instead follows a different method of cooking. The special feature of this type of pizza is that the dough is not spread on the surface of the oven, but is placed in a wheel, which can be aluminum or copper, and the pizza is cooked at an average temperature lower than the one laid by hand. The dough, however, is more consistent: the dough of a round pizza tends to be about 300 grams, that of a pizza in rutiello instead is 450 grams. In any case, rest assured that this is a real pleasure for the palate!

Where to eat Pizza in the rutiello: Pizzeria Rosario Piscopo

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Via Egiziaca a Pizzofalcone, Napoli, NA