Naples is a city of millenarian tradition, founded in the 8th century BC from the Cumani. Epoch after epoch, myths and legends have flocked to the city walls, entering the daily lives of its inhabitants. Strange appearances, wicked ghosts and evil spirits are protagonists of neapolitan tales. Here is the list of 5 amazing Neapolitan beasts and where to find them.

5 – Sirens

Naples is a siren den. According to tradition, in the ancient times the sirens resided near the island of Capri. These beautiful supernatural creatures, half women, and half fish, lured sailors with their melodious songs. It is said that Partenope, the most famous siren, tried to enchant Ulysses at his passing, miserably failing. The sorrow was such that the siren went to die on the island of Megaride, on which stands the Castel dell'Ovo.

4 – The Munaciello

The Munaciello is a goblin wrapped in a hood. It infests the homes of the city's historic center. Small and wicked, usually imposes its presence by moving objects and causing damage. It can give immense wealth to those who show kindness to him but it can also cause terrible disadvantages to those who lack respect. In Castellammare di Stabia, a Neapolitan municipality, has a street dedicated to it. According to the legend, at sunset, in this street is possible to meet the goblin, which does not hesitate to attack you.

3 - Ghosts

The ghost stories in Naples are so many but the most chilling is perhaps that of the unfortunate bride of the Basilica dell'Incoronata del Buonconsiglio. According to legend, many centuries ago a woman died exactly the day before her wedding in the monumental church, not far from the Wood of Capodimonte. Since then every spring the ghost of the bride appears sitting on the staircase of the Basilica, weeping desperately.

2 - Bella 'mbriana spirit.

The Bella 'mbriana spirit protects Neapolitan houses. She is invoked to receive advice and to divert negative influences that penalize the family. Benevolent female spirit by the features of a beautiful woman, Bella 'mbriana often shows to humans in the form of butterfly or gecko. She is considered the antagonist of the Munaciello and for enter into her sympathies it is necessary to reserve a place for her at the dining table. This legend is widespread in the Neapolitan historical center.

1 - Vampires

There are also vampires in Naples. A recent study by the University of Tallinn found that Princess Maria Blasa was received in Naples in 1469 by Ferdinand of Aragon. The princess, who fled Turkish persecution, was the daughter of Vlad Tepe, Count Dracula. According to the Estonian university team, the famous vampire followed her daughter and was buried right in Naples, in a cloister in Santa Maria La Nuova Square.