The "Club Lions Portici Miglio d'Oro", a careful and proactive association in the territory in following the noble philosophy of "We Serve" - which unites the Lionistico world in the other country - for the seventh consecutive year will join the A.v,e.p. - Volunteer Hematology Association Pascale, it realizing the traditional and most awaited "Gran Galà di Beneficenza" scheduled for next Friday 22th June 2018 in the now irreplaceable and enchanting eighteenth century "Villa Signorini" of Herculaneum which is also home of Lions Club, organizer of the event.

A big growth during the years for public participation and artistic quality, the "Gran Galà" is an important appointment for the A.v.ep. and from the institute Pascale, as well as from the Lionistic association that recognizes this "service" as one - maybe the most important - realized in the territory for raise funds for the Pascal Hematology Volunteers Association that will use them in favor of the department of Hematology of the Tumor Institute of Naples, engaging in home medical assistance, research, purchase of medicines for families who need financial support , psychological assistance to the sick and their family members, secretarial management and, last but not least, the constant maintenance of "Sky" subscriptions in the rooms of the ward for a more comfortable hospitalization of hospitalized patients. 

There are numerous artists of national and international succes who, over the years, have alternated in the splendid scenery of "Villa Signorini" to support this magnificent initiative. Also the next edition will continue with the good results of the previous ones, proposing a billboard of the highest artistic content. Under the careful and professional direction of Sergio Striano, and the conduct of the Gaetano Gaudiero and Lorenza Licenziati as presenters, they will perform - donating their extraordinary and friendly contribution - the singer and actress Anna Capasso, back from the success obtained by the third participation consecutive on the stage of "Rtl 102.5" and finalist for the David di Donatello with the film "Gramigna" which is between the female protagonists; the splendid solo historical voices of the Italian Orchestra by Renzo Arbore, Barbara Buonaiuto and Gianni Conte; the very particular voice of the Shara, the new musical project by Acoustic Trio (Angelo Perna-Rossella Lomelli-Silvio Amoroso); the very popular and acclaimed actors Lucio Pierri and Massimo Carrino with their hilarious comedy; the fashion show of Elena Ippolito's Atelier Nalibu' with new women's fashion proposals; Irma Cardano with the students of her rewarded several times (also in internationally competion) dance school ready to do a choreographic framework for the entire show. Exceptional testimonial of the event is Gino Rivieccio, one of the most acclaimed artists of the Neapolitan show, he is a good actor in many genres known in Italy and other nations.

The shots of Romina Romano and the videographies of Comuni-Care by Ivan Scognamiglio will set the images of the event that will be an unforgettable evening for the artistic content and for the noble cause for which it is made. The frequencies of Radio Amore will be present for confirm the relationship as media-partner relationship of the event.

The mode that has been so successful in the last years with the "dinner-show", with table service, will be repeat again this year, the participation in it provides a ticket with a minimum contribution of € 50 for person.

Another good initiative of this edition of the event, always in the sign of solidarity and awareness of the noble causes proposed by the Lions Club Portici Miglio d'Oro, is to have integrated a group of young people with disabilities belonging to the association Si Puo 'Dare Di Piu', them will work in welcome drink-aperitif service that will be offered to guests when arrive at "Villa Signorini". The association has been engaged during the years in the project of inclusion in the world of work (hospitality hotel reception service and catering) of young affected by pathologies that provide an assistant service.