Naples is a city famous all over the world because of its culture, wonderful views, music and secular customs. The city has been portrayed in various works, both literary and cinematographic. Below, a short list of its incarnations in the world of comics and cartoons.

The bizarre adventures of Jojo - Vento Aureo

The bizarre adventures of Jojo - Vento Aureo is the fifth season of the famous anime, based on Hirohiko Araki's manga, and it's set in Naples. The series tells the adventures of Giorno Giovanna, a boy with Stand powers, who tries to dethrone the boss of a mafia organization called Passione. Giorno has a peculiar idea of what a mafia guy should be: he imagines him as a real man of honour, who doesn't kill innocent people and doesn't attack the weakest ones. The series has also given rise to many criticisms, made by those who didn't look favourably on the pair Napoli-mafia. Criticisms refused by the manga fans!

Mickey Canova

Mickey Canova is a story set in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, by Disney cartoonist Blasco Pisapia. The comic book came out for Napoli Comicon 2019, with the issue 3309 of Mickey Mouse having a special cover dedicated to the event, also drawed by the Neapolitan cartoonist.

This is the plot of Mickey Canova and the poetic spark: Mickey Mouse is in crisis and decides taking a trip to Naples to discover the archaeological finds of Pompeii and Herculaneum, hoping inspiration will come back to him. The story was born to promote, specifically, the exhibition Canova e l'antico, dedicated to the famous Italian sculptor and visitable in the halls of the MANN from last March 28th to June 30th.

5 è il numero perfetto

5 is the perfect number is a graphic novel written and drawn by the famous cartoonist Igort, inspiring the homonymous movie. The city of Naples is perhaps the real protagonist of this work and the author said he loved the Neapolitan capital very much. 

Here the plot of the comic, from the publisher's website, Coconino Press:

A Neapolitan fresco of Italy in the 1970s. Peppino Lo Cicero is a retired gangster, living his life in retreat. He only cares about fishing and his son Nino, also a guappo himself. But in his last mission Nino falls, victim of an ambush, murdered by the man he went to kill. Someone betrayed him. And Peppino is forced to take back the revolver. And to return to the scene...

Neapolitan Mouse

Tom and Jerry in Naples is a real cult on the web, certainly one of the videos most plucked by network users.  

Neapolitan Mouse, translated into Topo Napoletano, is the eighty-sixth short film in the Tom & Jerry series directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and it dates back to 1954. 

The cartoon is set in Naples, where Tom and Jerry arrive aboard a cruise ship and meet an Italian mouse, a fan of them, who first shows up defending Jerry from Tom's attacks and then guides both'em on a visit trough some of the most beautiful places in the city.

Attacked by a gang of dogs, the three characters manage to save themselves in adventurous way and, at the departure of Tom and Jerry, the Italian mouse's greetings are joined by the ones of the defeated dogs gang.

Cooking Papa

The Margherita pizza from the historic Neapolitan pizzeria "Da Michele" has been immortalized on the pages of the manga Cooking Papa. Characters, in fact, in one of the stories, stop at the Antica Pizzeria and, tasting the Margherita, they find it "tasty and very good". Cooking Papa is a manga written and illustrated by Tochi Ueyama since 1985.  

The protagonist of the manga is Mr. Araiwa, an integral employee with passion for cooking; at the end of the volume, he uses to explain the complete and detailed recipes of the dishes featured in the issue.