The Captain's Skull: a thaumaturgical relic

The Fontanelle Cemetery, located in the Rione Sanità, is one of the most fascinating places in the city of Naples, a place full of charm and mystery, especially for the cult of the dead linked to it. Today we will tell you about one legend in particular, among the many that were born around the famous ossuary. This is the so-called legend of the Captain, a sort of guest star among the many preserved skulls.

In fact, the funeral relic, unlike its more humble colleagues, is kept in a glass case that protects it from the neglect of time and from the clumsy attention of visitors. This peculiarity gives the skull a particular polishing, which almost looks like sweat. A sweat that, according to tradition, would belong to the souls in pain of Purgatory 

The Legend of the Spouses: the Captain's revenge

The Captain, over time, has become a real tutelary deity for the Neapolitans, who usually recommend themselves to him to receive graces and help of all kinds. Among the many stories that are handed down, the main one is certainly that of the spouses or the newlyweds otherwise, said that here we will present you in two different versions. This tells of a young betrothed who used to go to pray daily at the thaumaturgical skull. The future husband, jealous for the many attentions received by the "deceased" from his girlfriend, decided one day to accompany her. Unfortunately, however, the young man took advantage of the situation to take revenge of the helpless skull, sticking a stick into one of the now empty eye sockets and, mocking the unfortunate Captain, invited him to his wedding day. Unfortunately, those who do expect it, and on the wedding day, a mysterious man dressed as a carabiniere showed up at the ceremony.

The stranger approached the groom and, opening his jacket, I show his terrifying body, composed only of fleshless bones! The revenge was complete, the couple died of a broken heart from the fright, and still today it is believed that their remains are preserved in the Fontanelle Cemetery.

The defiled Fontanelle: the punishment of the sacrilegious adventurer

Another interesting noir-flavored legend that was born around the figure of the Captain, was handed down by Roberto de Simone. This tells of a Camorra, famous for being a tombeur de femme and a blasphemer, who dared to make love with a woman, right inside the Fontanelle Cemetery. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the irritated voice of the Captain appeared, reproaching the young man for his wicked gesture. The latter, however, made fun of the "deceased sage", even throwing him a challenge. She invited him, with much sarcasm, to her hypothetical wedding day for a duel, believing, in her libertine lifestyle, that she should never marry. However, after some time, now forgetting his wicked promise, the young man got married: among the guests, everyone noticed the presence of a disturbing and silent figure, a mysterious man dressed all in black.

After the banquet, then, the diners asked the man who he was and he replied that he had brought a gift for the newlyweds and wanted to deliver it to him in person. Then the young people received the enigmatic guest in their room, but the atrocious truth was immediately revealed to their eyes. It was the Captain, who with a deadly handshake, incinerated the bodies of the two young men. 

These two versions of the same legend make you understand how powerful the fascination exerted by the Fontanelle Cemetery is. One more reason to visit it. But please, respect the Captain!