The great heart of the Neapolitans

Why you should visit Naples? Well, there are many reasons, one of these is definitely what the city of Naples is really a welcoming city! There are many things that are said around the city of Naples: many things are true and others are not. Among the true things is that our city is very welcoming and very charitable. 

Are you a tourist in Naples that you are looking for the road of a museum? The Neapolitan not only shows you the way, but he accompanies you talking about some curious stories of the city.  Without asking for anything in return.

The Neapolitans are made like this, they help you at any time of difficulty, without being contradicted for any reason!

Good for others: suspended coffee

Maybe you have already heard about the suspended coffee. The suspended coffee is a generous Neapolitan habit born a few centuries ago. In practice, when you are at the bar you pay an extra coffee, one in "suspended. For the less fortunate, for those who need a coffee.

In this way, who can't afford a coffee can enjoy the "suspended" coffee in complete tranquility. A nice forgotten habit for a while , but restored a few years ago. The next one in Naples isn't forgotten, not even for coffee.

It's like offering a coffee to the rest of the world...
Luciano De Crescenzo sul caffè sospeso

Other gestures of love: the heart of the Neapolitans in food and more

The habit of suspended coffee has reached other fields of commerce. In Naples it is easy to find a suspended pizza, many pizzerias in the historic center accept this initiative or a suspended book,the generous transmission of culture is perhaps even more romantic . Recently, even pharmacies have a "suspended" medicine for those who can't afford it. 

Another example of generosity and solidarity comes from the hairdresser Hair Studio 76, from which comes this nice initiative! Every Tuesday, at his shop located in the Quartieri Spagnoli (near Toledo street), retired women, with a minimum income, can go to the hairdresser in a completely free way.

Idea that has been immediately a huge success. A great certainty, every woman has the right to always feel beautiful! Now you know a little more about the great heart of the Neapolitans... So, why not visit Naples?